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Obama Supporter – I Got Nothing

Ed Morrissey raises an interesting point from a Chris Matthews interview of Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (an Obama supporter) last night.  When asked directly, repeatedly, about Obama’s legislative accomplishments (which would be key information to understanding what the candidate will do in the future), Watson comes up empty.  All he brought with him was talking points.

Captain Ed’s point on this was that Obama doesn’t have any real history to point to that would help us know what he will do as President.  What’s more telling to me is the fact that the American Electorate has gotten very comfortable with talking points, debate snippets, and political ads (not to mention the “not the other guy” syndrome) to make their choices in the ballot box.  …

I Always Knew We Could Find Proof…

I don’t really take stock in applying the symbolism of numbers to reality, but I can’t help notice this morning’s report that Hillary Clinton lost in the Hawaii Caucus with, get this, 666 votes.

Spiritual Conspiracy Theorists, have at it!

HT: memeorandum.…

Come To The Table

I do not support the candidacy of John McCain. But I plan to vote for my party even if he is the nominee. I plan to attend my county convention in March (I was selected as a delegate to that event), and voice my position on the issues, on the candidates, and do my best to represent my neighbors who asked me to do that. Even if I do not continue to any other conventions after that, I will continue to voice these opinions, support the delegates that do go on, provide them input, and discuss the same issues here at The Conservative Reader as well.


Captain Ed and I see this the same way. With regard to McCain’s comments at CPAC (particularly the …

Mitt Romney Has Left The Building – What Now?

I’m impressed with Mitt’s decision. According to Fox News, he said:

“If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator (Hillary) Clinton or (Barack) Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

I’m not as torn up about this as I was with Fred’s departure, but it has definitely put us in the position of facing the inevitable starting to have the necessary discussions.

The questions now are:

  1. When will Huckabee step aside?
  2. Can the Republican Party actually succeed with McCain as the candidate?
  3. When can I stop

Why McCain? Really Hard to Say, you know?

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not ready to go all in with McCain, and I think there’s a lot of ground to cover and issues to discuss before we’re ready for November.  However, Gais posted quotes from Hugh Hewitt at and Bryan at Hot Air regarding some reasons to consider sticking it out with McCain regardless of some very strong issues.  I think you should go to Blue Crab Boulevard and read Gais’ thoughts and then stroll over to the sources.

Bithead also shared more of his thoughts today… whoever the nominee is (they all got issues), they need to show they can be trusted.  That means consistency and good solid reasoning behind opinions… get past the talking points and provide good support …

Super Tuesday

Not surprisingly, Obama and Clinton are now neck-and-neck, with Obama slightly ahead.

McCain definitely has a commanding lead now, and Huckabee would be doing everyone a favor by dropping out now and bequeathing his delegates to Romney.  There’s still a chance for Romney, but Huckabee would have to do the almost impossible… once Romney and McCain pick up another 215 delegates between them, Huckabee is out for good.  In this case, it should be downright embarrassing to stay in that long.

See the MSNBC leader board in the side-bar for more details… you can roll-over the bars for state-by-state delegate totals for each candidate.…

Super Tuesday Results Still Coming In… And Misc…

Numbers still coming in, but mostly it appears that McCain is taking a large number of delegates over Romney and Huckabee, and Hillary is a bit ahead of Obama.  Tomorrow will tell more.

West Virginia surprised a few people when Huckabee won.

Sister Toldjah has been blogging throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Stock Market is way down today,  the Dow down 370 points on bad service sector news.  Yesterday we had the financial sector impacted by the Moody downgrades.

I’m definitely not on board with the present stimulus plan in Congress.  I don’t know anyone that isn’t planning to take the cash and either put it in savings or pay down debt.   I don’t have the answer, but spending billions to finance an idea that …

Democrats Gather Tough-guy Hollywood Support

I see where Hillary has picked up an endorsement from Jack Nicholson.  Obama, for his part, has picked up Robert De Niro’s support.

“Mrs. Clinton has been involved in issues, everything from health care, which we know and prison reform and helping the military, speaking for women and speaking for Americans,” Nicholson said.

Well, Jack doesn’t have to handle the truth when there’s not substance to argue over.  Strangely, a similar story with De Niro:

De Niro began his remarks with a backhanded compliment: “Barack Obama does not have the experience to be president of the United States.” The crowd booed, but De Niro continued, and his intent was clear: Obama didn’t have the experience to get the country into a misguided war, or

It’s Super Tuesday… Get Out And Vote!!!

Where ever you may be in the United States, if you are in a state where a Primary or Caucus is occurring, go and vote, talk, participate.  Be part of the process, part of the solution, part of making America Great!

We can only be strong if we all work together and support each other, and this process is one of the key drivers to successfully building the parties up to the main event.  You really can make a difference! 

I Underwhelm Myself

republican-elephant.jpgI promised I would try and take a position on the remaining candidates before things are settled. I’m probably too late, but tomorrow still has possibilities for Romney. The party is definitely looking like it’s leaning to port, and it’s what we have to work with.

Of the remaining candidates, I definitely prefer Mitt Romney over John McCain. It’s very difficult for me to stand up and provide the level of enthusiasm for Mitt that I have for Fred Thompson, for the simple reason that Romney is not what I think of as “conservative”. He’s certainly more conservative than McCain, but he still holds more centrist views in many areas. I’m not trying to ignore Huckabee… oh, wait, yes I am. I just can’t take …

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