Phony Radio News/Political Ad Shows Hillary’s (Lack Of) Integrity

This is the last time I will harp on the character issue in this election.  Okay, maybe not.

Clinton’s campaign hit yet another low after airing this political ad in Ohio:

“This is an election news update with a major news story reported by the AP. While Senator Obama has crisscrossed Ohio giving speeches attacking NAFTA, his top economic advisor was telling the Canadians that was all just political maneuvering. A newly released document from the Canadian government shows that Obama’s senior economic advisor met with the Canadian Consul General and made clear that Obama’s attack on NAFTA were just, quote, “political maneuvering,” not policy. Political maneuvering, not policy. In fact, the document shows that Obama’s advisor also assured the Canadians that these attacks against NAFTA would not continue. Obama would not want to be, quote, “fundamentally changing the agreement.” As Senator Obama was telling one story to Ohio, his campaign was telling a very different story to Canada. How will Ohioans decide whether they can believe Senator Obama’s words? We’ll find that out on election day. Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.”

This is worse than mudslinging because most people who hear it will believe they are hearing a real news story, even if they hear the whole ad.  Radio provides a level of subliminal impact that can be extremely effective by just providing the words since so many people treat radio as background noise.

This is just plain manipulation, and provides more fodder than ever for increased controls on election campaign advertising.  But what else should we expect from this candidate… she’s desperate, and thankfully just about done with this campaign.

Hat Tip to Memeorandum and NewsDay/Spin Cycle.

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