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Fake jobs numbers…. again

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Reports, Numbers, Charts, GraphsThe White House this morning, is serving up fake jobs numbers… again. And they read like a fairy tale. 7.8% unemployment. But notice… the U6.. the real unemployment number… isn’t listed in the reports we all see… It stood at 14.6% as of last month. That’s a fact that has not moved substantially, for months. Here’s the breakdown from the BLS.GOV website.

Measure Not seasonally adjusted Seasonally adjusted
Sep ’11 Aug ’12 Sep ’12 Sep ’11 May ’12 Jun ’12 Jul ’12 Aug ’12 Sep ’12
U-1 Persons unemployed 15 weeks or longer, as a percent of the civilian labor force 5.2 4.3 4.2 5.3 4.6 4.6 4.5 4.4 4.3
U-2 Job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, as a percent of the

The Romney Predicament

If nothing else Mitt Romney is a man of firsts.  Four years ago when he ran for President he became the first Mormon to make a serious run at the White House.  His recent re-entry into the field for this go around has produced another, and far more unlikely one.  For the first time in history we have a candidate who is simultaneously the front runner and a long shot.  While his prior bid found voters faced with an assortment of unusual and unprecedented factors to consider, this run finds that list not only still in-tact, but even longer.

A look at his chances reveals a lot to like, but also a series of tough spots created for both the candidate and voters.  In the …

Lincoln-Douglas / Santos-Vinick

So, Hillary this week graciously offered to debate Barack mano a mano.  No moderator.

Set their own rules.  Ask each other questions and answer them.

Millions of people across the country would be THRILLED to have a debate without moderators.

But can we really recreate the pure raw power of the Santos-Vinick debate (from the final season of West Wing)?  Of course, that was a Democrat against a Republican.

And don’t even imagine it could be anything like Lincoln-Douglas.    I can’t imagine that level of genteel.

Although it sounds wonderful, we probably all know the problem here.  Clinton’s calling Obama out knowing full well that Obama isn’t going to bite.  Obama has nothing to offer if put into an open debate… his whole campaign is …

What Keeps Me Up At Night

I can name a few things:

  • Revisiting a place I lived in or visited in the past on Google Earth
  • Searching for that perfect fretless bass on eBay
  • Accidentally starting a round of Polar Pool (okay, accidentally on purpose, but I didn’t think I’d be up half the night!)
  • Reconfiguring my Fantasy Baseball Team
  • Installing the newest version of my Anti-virus software
  • Looking for the next great WordPress Theme for the blog
  • Imagining a world with either Obama or Clinton as President
  • Imagining a world where people who would actually vote for Obama or Clinton are running things

It seems like every day now I hear something new that seems to exceed my expectations when it comes to extreme positions, an uninformed position on an …

Political Observations

Wow!  I’ve not been on this site for a week and look at what I’ve missed!  First, some observations about the current political scene:

1)  Here’s a news flash–Hillary lied about her “recollections” about Bosnia!  I never would have guessed it.  How many Democrats are out there that think Bill got a raw deal as President, that most of his problems were caused by Republicans?  Lay off the Kool Aid!  This is what the Clintons do–they are prevaricators of the truth.  Would you like four years or eight years more of this?

2)  Barack Obama is far from perfect.  First, he’s a classic tax and spend liberal.  Second, he has no, I repeat, no foreign policy experience and could, in fact, be dangerous.  Third, he’s …

The Democrats Are In Disarray

This had been a disconcerting election year so far, and certainly we still have a long road ahead, but the state of the Democratic Party, and the latest Gallup Poll, are giving me reason to smile today.

Democrats really don’t know what they want any longer.  They’ve found themselves stuck with either a chronic liar, or worse yet, a huge unknown.

Hillary has now found herself in the position where many party leaders are finding it difficult to back her up on her “misstatement” about running from sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as First Lady (Peggy Noonan has a great assessment of Clinton’s current political state of affairs).  It’s interesting to watch the party suddenly stare in shell-shocked disbelief.

And although Obama is …

No-fault Credit

Today we got to see some of the substance of Barack Obama’s plan for solving the current economic crisis.  Both Reuters and the Wall Street Journal have good write-ups.

Obama’s approach includes:

  • More power to the Federal Reserve over non-bank investment firms that borrow from the central bank
  • A ‘financial oversight commission”
  • $30 billion in aid for financially stressed borrowers
  • A $1,000 tax credit for all working families
  • Eliminate the income tax.  But only if you are retired and making less then $50,000 a year
  • $10 billion for refinancing home loans or to help see a house

He also made some noise about raising the capital gains tax.  There’s a nice surprise.

We can agree with the first two items.  Except the second item sounds …

Everyone Deserves To Own A House, Right?

Well, Hillary appears to be attempting to make EVERYONE happy.

More government money to rescue folks who simply bought more house than they could afford. According to a Wall Street Journal story Tuesday, Hillary proposes:

  • Freezing Forclosures for 90 days
  • Freezing Interest-rate Resets on Sub-primes for 5 years
  • Establish a $30 billion fund so states and cities can buy foreclosed properties
  • Expand the Mortgage Revenue Bond Program (provides below market interest rates for first-time home buyers) by $10 billion

Thanks so much. I’ve heard a number of people call this, appropriately, “cost-shifting”. That means one group of people (those of us who are careful to buy what we can afford) are going to take

Capitalism and open market disciplines cannot support a class of people

Resign Yourself to This #2

Geraldine Ferraro is the next contestant on “Who Wants The Most Media Attention?”. Today she resigned from Hillary’s Finance Committee because of remarks considered racist regarding Obama. She had essentially said that Obama’s campaign was having such huge success because he was black (Hillary’s gender has nothing to do with her success). Of course, Ferraro probably thinks Hillary is just like any other candidate because Geraldine set the pace for women when she ran as the Vice-Presidential candidate with Walter Mondale in 1984.


I agree with Sister Toldjah that all of the resigning and apologizing is getting old really fast. Ferraro is a little different in that she doesn’t seem to think she’s said anything wrong, so hasn’t apologized. In her letter to Clinton …

Mr. Smith Attends a Convention

I had the privilege of participating as a delegate to my first Republican Polk County (Iowa) convention. It was a great experience. We ended up with significantly more people than expected (usually 50% of the elected delegates show up, we had about 70%+) which had a big impact on our start time and completion of some of the work (particularly, electing district committee members). It was a big challenge for the Chairman to maintain order, but thankfully he was able to keep the proceedings under control. We ended up losing our quorum around 6:00, which forced us to accept the remainder of the platform as presented by the Platform Committee, but we did get all of the district committee members elected (it took 5 ballots …

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