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Fake jobs numbers…. again

Fake jobs numbers…. again

The White House this morning, is serving up fake jobs numbers… again. And they read like a fairy tale. 7.8% unemployment. But notice… the U6.. the real unemployment number… isn’t listed in the reports we all see… It stood at 14.6% as of...
Fake jobs numbers…. again

The Romney Predicament

If nothing else Mitt Romney is a man of firsts. Four years ago when he ran for President he became the first Mormon to make a serious run at the White House. His recent re-entry into the field for this go around has produced another, and far more unlikely one. For the first time in history we have a candidate who is simultaneously the front runner and a long shot. While his prior bid found voters faced with an assortment of unusual and unprecedented factors to consider, this run finds that list not only still in-tact, but even longer.

A look at his chances reveals a lot to like, but also a series of tough spots created for both the candidate and voters. In the following we will weigh each against the other, not so much as a comparison of pros and cons but more as a look at advantages verses disadvantages. This distinction is important because classifying in terms of pros and cons makes the presumption that the realities surrounding a candidate are good or bad. In some cases I would argue that such judgments are unsubstantiated, in others the opposite of conventional wisdom may be true, and in yet others certain considerations are neither, and frankly should not be a valid part of the debate. That being said, let’s start by looking at what is certainly a strong list of his advantages.

First and foremost, he is a serious man and a realistic candidate. He has a background of leadership in both the private economic sector and in government, a mixture that puts him in a nearly ideal position. While his background outside of politics makes it hard to clearly paint him as a life-long politician and part of the current “Washington” problem, his tenor as Governor suggests that he would not be overwhelmed if he wins the job. Another huge feather in his cap [ . . . ]

Lincoln-Douglas / Santos-Vinick

So, Hillary this week graciously offered to debate Barack mano a mano.  No moderator. Set their own rules.  Ask each other questions and answer them. Millions of people across the country would be THRILLED to have a debate without moderators. But can we really...

What Keeps Me Up At Night

I can name a few things: Revisiting a place I lived in or visited in the past on Google Earth Searching for that perfect fretless bass on eBay Accidentally starting a round of Polar Pool (okay, accidentally on purpose, but I didn’t think I’d be up half the...

Political Observations

Wow!  I’ve not been on this site for a week and look at what I’ve missed!  First, some observations about the current political scene: 1)  Here’s a news flash–Hillary lied about her “recollections” about Bosnia!  I never would have...
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