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Clinton/Obama? Obama/Clinton?

clinton_obama.jpgBoth Democratic candidates were asked if they would consider the other as a running mate. Neither gave a smart answer. Each of them is fighting to set themselves apart from the other, and yet when asked about the VP slot, each gave an answer that suddenly sounded like they could easily work side-by-side.  And enjoy it.

Clinton’s answer:

“Well, that may … be where this is headed, but of course, we have to decide who’s on the top of the ticket,”

then later…

“Obviously, it’s premature for either of us to address it,” she said.

She added: “There is a lot of … interest in that. Many Democrats are hoping for that. We have to sort through this nominating process to see … who ends

McCain Clinches GOP Nomination

mccain-and-rice.jpgAccording to the AP, McCain now has enough delegates to be the Republican Nominee for President.

Now that we’re here, let’s focus on what we can do to make the party as effective as possible. We have a platform to deal with, we have House and Senate seats to win, we need to build the strongest case, now more than ever, for a more conservative platform.

Let’s also remember it’s not just about the President. It’s about the team he puts together… they do substantially more of the thinking than the President himself does. Let’s hope McCain plans on some smart choices in the Cabinet and White House staff.…

Phony Radio News/Political Ad Shows Hillary’s (Lack Of) Integrity

This is the last time I will harp on the character issue in this election.  Okay, maybe not.

Clinton’s campaign hit yet another low after airing this political ad in Ohio:

“This is an election news update with a major news story reported by the AP. While Senator Obama has crisscrossed Ohio giving speeches attacking NAFTA, his top economic advisor was telling the Canadians that was all just political maneuvering. A newly released document from the Canadian government shows that Obama’s senior economic advisor met with the Canadian Consul General and made clear that Obama’s attack on NAFTA were just, quote, “political maneuvering,” not policy. Political maneuvering, not policy. In fact, the document shows that Obama’s advisor also assured the Canadians that these attacks against

Obama Might Bring Republicans To Cabinet Posts?

white-house-west-wing.jpgI take it back… suddenly Obama is getting scary. I’m starting to have nervous flashbacks to the final season of The West Wing. Remember how the last two seasons were all about a non-white congressman (played by Jimmy Smits) running for President as a Democrat (with the early talks focused on Education, too!), against a not-so-conservative Republican (played by Alan Alda)? At the end of the series, I seem to recall the new Democratic president appointing Alan Alda’s character to Secretary of State (and in doing so, admitting his knowledge of foreign affairs was weak).

Now, there’s talk that Obama will appoint some Republicans to Cabinet positions:

As Barack Obama enters the final stages of the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, he

Obama: Not Scary!

 In response to Hillary’s ridiculous ad asking “Who do you want answering the Red Phone at 3:00 AM”,  Obama provides this beauty:

I will never see the threat of terrorism as a way to scare up votes, because it’s a threat that should rally the country around our common enemies. That is the judgment we need at 3:00 a.m., and that’s the judgment that I am running for as president of the United States of America.

Um, is it just me, or did that first sentence make no proper sense? If I read it right, he’s saying he doesn’t want to use terrorism to “scare” people into doing what he wants… and that’s sort of noble (but unrealistic), and in the next breath says …

Bloomberg Disappoints Dozens…

… by announcing he won’t run for President.

What a non-announcement.  I think I should probably announce that I’m not running for president as well.  How about you?  Have you announced yet?

Bloomberg said in a New York Times op-ed piece, titled “I’m Not Running for President, but …,” that he has listened carefully to those who encouraged him to make a bid for the White House but that he is not and will not be a candidate for president.

I know he’s an independent, but what can he really add?  He’s always living in Giuliani’s shadow, and running for president would be one more example of that.

Oh well, nice of him to let us know.

And I appreciate the update from my …

Love Your Country, Your Flag

Evidently, only half of the Obama family is actually proud of their country. Or something. This was probably last summer here in Iowa somewhere (since it appears to be a Harkin event). Do we really want someone as president that doesn’t already naturally show appropriate respect for the flag of the United States? I’m just sayin’. Oh, and you might want to mute your speakers or cover your ears… this version of the Star Spangled Banner is in a class with Roseanne.

Hat Tip to Dread Pundit Bluto.…

Stupid is… Easy!

It is so easy, especially when you aren’t tightly scripted, to say things that just don’t come out the way you mean them to.

  • John McCain: When asked what will happen if he can’t convince the American public that the war in Iraq is succeeding, he said “Then I lose.” I don’t have a problem with this answer, because it’s true. John’s mistake here, in my opinion, is attempting to retract the statement. It’s one thing to say something that pundits will have fun with, it’s another to react so dramatically so as to give the pundits not just credence on the point, but additional fire power.
  • Hillary Clinton: “Shame on you!” Very tepid and unnatural? Bring back Bill, at least he knows

Nader Announces That He’s Viable

This morning’s Meet The Press featured an interview with Ralph Nader where he announced that he is running for President.  True to form, Tim Russert asked Nader a lot of stupid questions about the 2000 election and Nader’s supposed impact on the outcome of that election, which Nader actually responded to rather adroitly.  And of course, Russert couldn’t leave it alone and pressed some more and insinuated that Nader’s goal was only to somehow impact the outcome of the election instead of actually winning.  Nader managed to get a few comments in regarding his position on actual issues, but it was disappointing that Russert never really discussed issues with Nader but instead attacked the very idea of him running.  Including:

You heard Barack Obama say

The NY Times Is Wrong, Just Like CBS

I want to be sure we’re not too dismissive about this whole debacle with the New York Times piece that showed up on the web yesterday and presumably in the print edition today. Rather, let’s just look at how it compares to some things in the past.

First off, again, I’m not a big fan of John McCain. You will, however, need substantially better evidence than an indirect version of Dan Rather’s George W. Bush National Guard Letters story, which as you recall was discovered to be a fabrication.

The Dan Rather fiasco is the first major point to consider. Dan had what appeared to be incontrovertible evidence of manipulation by the Bush family to keep George W. out of trouble, and the whole affair …

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