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DisneyPrincessesReviewing top thoughtful conservative comments and news items of the day:

After the massacre in Orlando, it’s finally time for a defenseless community to arm itself.  And the help that the LGBT community is getting makes you wonder why so many idiots on the left just automatically bark that conservatives, especially conservative Christians “hate” the community.  It is an unfair generalization, as proved by the story above and an earlier one regarding an Orlando Chick-fil-a that opened uncharacteristically on Sunday to feed blood donors supporting those injured in the shooting.

Related to Orlando, Iowa’s Shane Vander Hart nails it again by calmly explaining to the US Attorney General that she is, well, at best an unconvincing tool, at worst, a lying snake.

Thankfully, Democrats in the US House stopped sitting on their, um, derrières today.  But it always makes me nervous when they do get back to work.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign needs financial help… so she is selling a pantsuit-tee on her website now.  Seriously.

You’ve probably already heard, but just in case, the President’s Executive Amnesty program was snuffed out by a split SCOTUS vote.

By the time you read this, we should know whether we have a Brexit or Bremain.  Frankly, I think any country that’s being forced to unload its sovereignty to finance the weakest links (such as Greece) and to take in thousands of terrorists in refugee clothing should seriously look at leaving the institution that is foisting such ideas on them… which should give us pause as we here in the colonies remain in the UN.

Oh, and if you were a fan of Ben Carson, this might give you pause.

And for what it’s worth, here’s today’s extreme PC for the day.  I don’t even know what to say.

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