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Welcome to The Conservative Reader!

Our mission is to provide a family-friendly place for everyone, regardless of political persuasion, to find educational resources (books, videos, links to other web content), commentary and conversation that will help develop a greater understanding of

  1. government history (US and others)
  2. theories of government and business
  3. the foundations of US Government, how it works and why
  4. influential writings over the centuries
  5. political history (US and others)
  6. practical suggestions on grassroots involvement in politics
  7. background and foundations in conservative thinking
  8. perspectives on current events, policy, political campaigns, business

As a safe and family-friendly place, we ask that you treat others with respect. Although we value all points of view, any comments that are deemed inappropriate for children or in some way abusive or threatening will be edited or removed at the discretion of the site management. Repeat offenses may lead to expulsion from the site.

Your ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms are also welcome regarding the site. Please feel free to contact us at our mailbox.

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