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This had been a disconcerting election year so far, and certainly we still have a long road ahead, but the state of the Democratic Party, and the latest Gallup Poll, are giving me reason to smile today.

Democrats really don’t know what they want any longer.  They’ve found themselves stuck with either a chronic liar, or worse yet, a huge unknown.

Hillary has now found herself in the position where many party leaders are finding it difficult to back her up on her “misstatement” about running from sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as First Lady (Peggy Noonan has a great assessment of Clinton’s current political state of affairs).  It’s interesting to watch the party suddenly stare in shell-shocked disbelief.

And although Obama is ahead of Clinton in the polls and in delegate counts (and likely Super Delegate support),  he still suffers from multiple issues that will dog him through the rest of this campaign:

  • His relationship with his former pastor
  • His lack of any meaningful legislative work
  • His lack of foreign policy experience
  • His apparent lack of patriatism
  • The fact that most people really don’t know anything about him

And, at a time when many Republicans have given up any hope of retaining the Presidency, Gallup shows McCain ahead of Obama (not by a lot, but ahead nonetheless).

Democrats continue to have moral failure after moral failure. after moral failure.  It seems like Democrats can’t stay out of personal trouble (or at least, have a hard time keeping it a secret).

Even in Iowa, the Democrats in the General Assembly are at odds with the Democratic Governor (David Yepson in the Des Moines Register today rightly says that Governor Culver’s stand against unions on this topic will serve him well into the next election).

Meanwhile, the worst thing I’ve heard about McCain lately is that he has bad teeth.  I don’t know what I would have done wthout that critical alert.
Joe Lieberman is apparently supporting McCain.

But finally, Hillary is running out of cash.  And now is being discussed as a possible Governor for New York to try to clear up the mess after the moral failings of Spitzer and Paterson.  Something about that idea just doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m more favorable to the Giuliani idea.

This is what happens when Democrats are in power.  It would be entertaining if it didn’t have a real on people’s lives and our freedoms.

Hat tips to memeorandum and DavidL at Bitsblog.

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