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A large majority of Americans believe the media is highly biased and favors Democrats—and they are correct.  One of the most blatant examples of this occurred last week, when a hot mic caught an exchange between two major media journalists preceding a Romney Press conference (if you have not seen this story yet click here).

To hear the media pre-plan, and then carry out, what amounts to a journalistic carpet bombing of Romney was outrageous.  The flip-side of this conduct of course is that President Obama is never exposed to such behavior (or hardly any tough questions).  Furthermore, when political problems do crop up, they are rarely magnified and seem to have the half-life of a may fly.

The following is, in order of importance, my top 5 political problems that would severely damage President Obama’s re-election chances—provided the media treated Republican and Democrat administrations the same.

5) Iran’s nuclear program

By and large I have had few qualms with President Obama’s foreign policy approach, it’s the area I give him his highest marks in.  Having said that, his ineffectiveness in dealing with what both sides agree is the single biggest threat to America is unacceptable.

After saying in 2008 he would meet one-on-one with Iran with no pre-conditions, he in fact (thankfully) did no such thing.  Instead he talked, negotiated, and chose only to employ economic sanctions.  Today Iran is inches away from becoming a nuclear nation—a fact directly tied to his policy and approach.

4) Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder’s tenure has been constantly marred by controversy–and it started almost literally from day one.  Days after taking office he shockingly used his first high-profile  address to the Country to say that America “has always been a nation of cowards” when it came to issues of race.

In the following years he refused to prosecute “Black Panthers” for video-taped voter intimidation, insisted stubbornly for months on prosecuting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a downtown New York City Federal Court, and was directly and dishonestly involved in Fast and Furious–before eventually forcing President Obama to invoke executive privilege to protect him.

Conversely, George Bush (43) was publicly embarrassed by the media for weeks and eventually was forced to push out Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for a single offense far less egregious than any of those listed above.

3) Solyndra

The story of Solyndra is one seemingly tailor-made for media obsession.  It has $500 million of wasted government money, internal e-mails showing it was pushed through for political reasons, wealthy Democrat power players who got paid back before taxpayers, and Obama on-site at the Solyndra plant saying it was the future of American energy.

Perhaps more than anything though, it encapsulates nearly everything the American people have grown disgusted with government about—while clearly showing that Obama is most certainly not the agent of change he claimed to be.

2) Gas Prices

It’s hard to believe, but when this President was sworn in the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $1.88.  Now at more than double that, the press doesn’t seem too interested.  This in in stark contrast to the middle of Bush 43’s second term (2006), when front page stories of gas prices in the high $3 dollar range were daily reminders.  For at least 6 months it was the biggest story in the Country–this year it has not been for a single day.  You will not find a better example of clear selective enforcement from the media on an issue that has been a political widow-maker for at least 40 years.

1) The Stimulus Package/Unemployment Promise

This is number one by a mile because it is at least 100 times as bad as George H,W Bush’s “read my lips” promise.  Not only did the Stimulus spend over a trillion dollars (with interest included), use over $400 billion of borrowed money, and pass with only 3 Republicans votes from both chambers combined—it also came with a massive broken promise.

The Administration claimed that should the biggest single expenditure in the history of mankind pass, the unemployment rate would never go above 8%–and instead would now be in the 5% range.  Not only has it never gone below 8% since, this is the 43rd straight month that it has been above that number.

Simply put, when you consider the cost of the expenditure and the abject failure of the policy to live up to the guarantee made by Obama, this is one of the most significant broken political promises of all time.  Consider this question, if Bush 41’s broken promise of “read my lips” symbolized his entire Presidency and essentially single-handedly cost him a shot at re-election, shouldn’t a trillion dollar-plus broken promise sink this Presidency?

Clearly the answer is yes…the fact that the media sees it differently will remain a huge impediment for Mitt Romney this November.  The  reality is that he will have to be flawless to overcome what has become an embarrassing and truly despicable American media.






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