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Wow!  I’ve not been on this site for a week and look at what I’ve missed!  First, some observations about the current political scene:

1)  Here’s a news flash–Hillary lied about her “recollections” about Bosnia!  I never would have guessed it.  How many Democrats are out there that think Bill got a raw deal as President, that most of his problems were caused by Republicans?  Lay off the Kool Aid!  This is what the Clintons do–they are prevaricators of the truth.  Would you like four years or eight years more of this?

2)  Barack Obama is far from perfect.  First, he’s a classic tax and spend liberal.  Second, he has no, I repeat, no foreign policy experience and could, in fact, be dangerous.  Third, he’s been going to a wacked-out church for 20 years and when you spend 20 years listening to that invective, you’re bound to absorb some of it.  Is he smart?  Yes.  Smooth?  Yes.  But I wouldn’t buy a used car from this guy.

3)  Considering the alternatives, John McCain seems like a choir boy.  I hear friends tell me that they cannot vote for McCain and will sit out the election.  Do they really want either Clinton or Obama running the country, when they can’t even run an effective campaign?  This is a no-brainer…

Update (Art): Hillary has got to be on her last leg here… I can’t see her even staying in the Senate unless New Yorkers are just used to all their politicians lying, cheating, stealing, and otherwise making a mockery of the office they hold.  How anyone can lie as much as she has, and be taken to task for it in the MSM even, and still have the gall to walk on as if nothing happened and GET AWAY WITH IT, is beyond me.  I think I really have seen everything now.

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