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Dictators vs Coaches

I was reading a book yesterday by John Maxwell called "Developing the Leaders Around You" (1995, Injoy, Inc.) On page 161, Rev. Maxwell describes the difference between dictators and "dream team coaches", or "facilitators". In Maxwell's words:



Hoard decisions. Push decisions down the line.
Make decisions alone or restrict them to an elite group. Involve others as much as possible in key decisions and give people space to make those decisions [...]

Enjoy Your Last Term

One of the more interesting developments surrounding the “health care” debate is the incredible inability of the left to read, understand and consider the mood of the general electorate.  The town hall meetings being held across the country embody the...

Obama Drama

The events of the last couple of weeks surrounding our nation's capitol in general, and the White House specifically, have been fun to watch. It has been my assertion that President Obama, despite his polished rhetoric, is in over his head, and, if given enough time, will prove it. We're finally beginning to see signs of his inexperience and, dare I say, incompetence. First, he tried to ram through Congress an incredibly toxic, poorly crafted, Socialized Health Care bill. For this administration, it wasn't enough to be able to spend $1.2 trillion in January without anyone having a chance to read, much less comment on, what was appropriated. President Obama's insistence that Congress pass something prior to breaking for the month of August, regardless of what the bill contained, was reckless, irresponsible, and incredibly arrogant. Here's a news flash, Mr. President: The havoc you are trying to wreak on the nation's health care system must not be irreparable. Whether you realize it or not, we, as citizens, and our elected representatives, have a right, if not an outright obligation, to be able to read the bills being debated in our elected assemblies. It's best if we proceed prudently and cautiously. If you had any administrative experience whatsoever, you would understand this. Then, apparently feeling left out from the daily mindlessness that is Joe Biden's thought processes, the President decided to assert himself in the Professor Gates controversy by declaring that the Boston PD acted "stupidly"
Hay Fields in Vermont

Hay Fields in Vermont

sick-kidAh, Vermont--"The Anything Goes State". I know it used to be known as "The Green Mountain State", but its new moniker is much more appropriate. I saw this article a couple of weeks ago in The Wall Street Journal and forgot to comment. Apparently, according to the Journal, dairy farmers in Vermont are being offered $135 an acre if they will harvest their hay before June 2 or after July 17 in order to allow birds that nest in hay fields, like meadow larks and bob-o-links, an opportunity to build nests and hatch and raise their young undisturbed by haybines and balers. I wish I were making this up, but I'm not. I grew up on the other side of Lake Champlain from Vermont on a dairy farm. Hay for dairy cattle has little nutritional value before June 2 or after July 17. In order for a farmer to maximize dairy production through the use of high quality feed, they must [...]

The Learning Curve

Last week I opined that our Rookie President and his administration were in over their heads–that basically they were, in effect, clueless.  Last week end President Obama apparently agreed with me, suggesting that distributing the alleged stimulus was not as...
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