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Last week I opined that our Rookie President and his administration were in over their heads–that basically they were, in effect, clueless.  Last week end President Obama apparently agreed with me, suggesting that distributing the alleged stimulus was not as effective as he had originally projected and there was a significant learning curve associated with economic policies.  Really?  He also told us that we must pass the stimulus packages in order to keep unemployment rates around 8%. 

Memo to President Junior:  It doesn’t matter if you release the stimulus money or not, because the specific targets of the stimulus will not stimulate effectively.  In order to stimulate the economy, you must LOWER TAXES.  How long will it take you to learn this lesson?  Of course, you can continue to try it your way, with little or no effect.  Sometimes it takes the arrogant longer to learn their lessons.  Sometimes they never do.

The bottom line is that our President has no idea what he’s talking about, and he can’t deliver on his promises.  Of course, we already knew that.

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