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The events of the last couple of weeks surrounding our nation’s capitol in general, and the White House specifically, have been fun to watch.  It has been my assertion that President Obama, despite his polished rhetoric, is in over his head, and, if given enough time, will prove it.  We’re finally beginning to see signs of his inexperience and, dare I say, incompetence.

First, he tried to ram through Congress an incredibly toxic, poorly crafted, Socialized Health Care bill.  For this administration, it wasn’t enough to be able to spend $1.2 trillion in January without anyone having a chance to read, much less comment on, what was appropriated.  President Obama’s insistence that Congress pass something prior to breaking for the month of August, regardless of what the bill contained, was reckless, irresponsible, and incredibly arrogant.  Here’s a news flash, Mr. President:  The havoc you are trying to wreak on the nation’s health care system must not be irreparable.  Whether you realize it or not, we, as citizens, and our elected representatives, have a right, if not an outright obligation, to be able to read the bills being debated in our elected assemblies.  It’s best if we proceed prudently and cautiously.  If you had any administrative experience whatsoever, you would understand this.

Then, apparently feeling left out from the daily mindlessness that is Joe Biden’s thought processes, the President decided to assert himself in the Professor Gates controversy by declaring that the Boston PD acted “stupidly” in arresting Dr. Gates.  Open mouth, insert foot.  This, in turn, required an apology from President Obama because when the facts surrounding Dr. Gates’ arrest surfaced, it was clear that Sgt. Crowley had acted appropriately.  The Beer Summit that ensued was typical Barack Obama show and made for good press, but had no impact on anything.  This is consistent with the President’s foreign policy, quite frankly.

Here’s something President Obama and Professor Gates need to understand.  On the handful of occasions that I have been pulled over for say, speeding, I made sure that I was extremely respectful of the police, because I know that they are just doing their job.  Even though I’m a white male, I never want to embarrass my family by having them see me carted off in hand cuffs.  And because of my respect for who the police are and what they do, my family has never been embarrassed.  This isn’t me kowtowing to “The Man”, rather, it’s showing respect for the people that protect and defend us every day.  I appreciate what they do;  I’m grateful for their efforts, and they don’t need me to give them a hard time.  It would be helpful for society in general if the President and Professor Gates showed even a hint of gratitude for our law enforcement.  They do an outstanding job.

On the other hand, it’s situations like this that prove my point regarding President Obama’s abilities…

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