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Mr. Smith is the Publisher of The Conservative Reader. He is Partner/Owner of Ambrosia Web Technology as well as a Systems Architect for Wells Fargo. Art hold a degree in Computer Science from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a political blogger at the Des Moines Register. Art's views are purely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Wells Fargo.

A New Venture Or Two

red_internet_laptopThe Des Moines Register, one of the two printed dailies that I read, has done some work to revamp the Politics section of their web site.  As part of that effort, they have added “Featured Political Bloggers”, providing perspectives from the Right, the Left, and Across the Spectrum.  Yours truly is one of the “From the Right” bloggers.  More information about these changes will be included in the Sun

Although I’m pleased to be included in this project, more importantly I’m impressed that the Register is providing a forum that allows more established bloggers an opportunity to present opinions on topics that are important to everyone from such a variety of perspectives.  Most people in Central Iowa recognize that the Register’s editorial positions tend to …

Always Remember

WTC LightsIt was eight years ago today, as many days into George W. Bush’s Presidency then as we are now in Barack Obama’s, that we were viciously attached by an enemy that seeks only to terrorize and devastate us. They have less honor than the Japanese ever did, no apparent desire to take control of our land, and no official standing with the U.N. or any western nation that could provide even a modicum of legitimacy to their actions.

And they attacked a civilian target.

It is not enough to move on from this.  Moving on has become a weary forgetfulness that leaves us emotionally and physically unprepared for the reality of a difficult world and the evil intents of those who hate us.  Moving on …

Did Obama’s Speech Change Your Mind?

The President of The United States, the Leader of The Free World, The Hope and Change for our nation, sounds tonight like a hero to some, a potential suitor to others, and a charlatan to the rest.

President Barack Obama’s speech (video/text) was somewhat predictable.  And yet, the core principles are honorable and should be agreeable to all parties:

  1. Provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance
  2. Provide insurance to those who don’t
  3. Slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government

These words are verbatim from the President.  And I agree with them.

Unfortunately, the President began falling flat with the very next paragraph when he stated:

“…if you are among

All Clear! The President’s Speech To School Children Is Fine!

Obama Speech To School ChildrenThere has been a lot of discussion about the President’s speech to school children scheduled for today at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time. Some school districts have decided to not make time for the speech, other giving parents the opportunity to keep their children out of the class at that time. And the hubbub was so huge over this, so compelling was the concern about a Hitler-style political message to children that the White House apparently changed the content of the speech and made the President’s prepared remarks available on the White House Web Site (in case you’d prefer to not visit the White House Web Site, I’ve provided a copy of the text at the end of this post).

President Obama is apparently not …

Town Hall Feedback

letter-writingMany of you went the distance and participated in Town Hall events during the Congressional August Break. We are very anxious to hear about your experiences and feedback that you have about the events, Congressmen’s positions, etc. Obviously, Health Care Reform has been the predominate topic, but there have been some discussions on other crucial topics such as Cap and Trade, Economic Stimulus, Forclosures, etc. We want to hear from you on any of these topics!

You can leave a comment on this blog post by clicking here, or by sending us an email at [email protected]. Your thoughts, experiences, positions, or general opinions would be great! We will put together a montage of these comments in the next week.…

How To Read A Bill

Reading StackNot something you have to pay for (well, maybe), but legislative bills. Kim Lehman wrote a piece at Caffeinated Thoughts (Shane took a few days of well-deserved vacation).  She provides some key valuable insights into how to understand a bill’s content. Well worth the time!

Kind of scary to think that more constituents are reading these bills than the Congressmen and Senators themselves.

We’ll add a link to this in TCR Tools as well.

Reading Assignment:

HR 2454: Cap and Trade

Once Again, Congress Is Exempted

inside private jetThere is a continuing theme in Congress and many of our State Legislatures that what’s good for goose, is only good for the goose.

Take a gander.  Yes, you read that right.  Congressmen can fly around in private jets, and can even buy brand-spanking new ones.  Even though they criticize those in the business world who do the same (remember the CEOs of the Big Three Auto companies?).  The best part is, Congress does it with money that they forcibly take from us (I am loathe to call it “theft”, although the temptation to do so has grown in the past six months).  Businesses do it with money they earn.  Earn.

I think I will start a new category: Congressional Exemptions.

You …

Health Care Reform: Abortion Funding and Mandates Still on the Table (Promoted From TCR:Iowa)

baby(Originally posted on The Conservative Reader: Iowa) If you don’t already know, we are thoroughly Pro Life here at the The Conservative Reader. From the moment of conception, the rights of every American should extend to even those that are still in the womb, despite the inconvenience they may pose to their mother.

We are also opposed to the current effort in Congress to foist a complex, expensive, invasive and industry-busting piece of legislation in the name of saving lives and improving the health of Americans. We are not opposed to ensuring that all Americans have access to health-care, but this bill, in whatever form it has taken thus far, is not in the best interest America. More on that in the next few …

Health Care Reform Without GOP?

healthcare-reformTom Harkin, Senator from Iowa, proclaimed Wednesday that Congress can proceed and pass Health Care Reform without the help of Republicans, or rather, despite Republican opposition.

While a more detailed examination of the bill that passed its first major hurdle in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will be forthcoming here, it seems to be worth the time to examine Harkin’s statement as it strikes as a bellweather for our nation’s future.

This is more than a review of the strictly partisan victory Democrats have achieved in Congress, with the 60 votes needed in the Senate to defeat most Republican efforts at stopping or at least slowing actions by Democrats that might normally be nuanced with even the threat of filibuster.  It is …

How Independent Are We?

declaration-of-independenceTwo hundred and thirty-three years ago, the men of the Second Continental Congress made a bold gesture as they sought to uncleave themselves from their ties with Great Britain.  A gesture intended to convey that they were serious about the war that was already raging on the American Continent.  A gesture intended to tell the world, and perhaps garner the support of other countries, that the American Colonies could not and would not continue to live under the yolk of a tyrannical King and Parliament.

A gesture that could cost them all, and indeed did cost some, their lives and their properties.

The Declaration of Independence was written primarily to formalize the decision to separate the colonies from British rule.  It also sought to communicate …

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