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A New Venture Or Two

A New Venture Or Two

red_internet_laptopThe Des Moines Register, one of the two printed dailies that I read, has done some work to revamp the Politics section of their web site. As part of that effort, they have added "Featured Political Bloggers", providing perspectives from the Right, the Left, and Across the Spectrum. Yours truly is one of the "From the Right" bloggers. More information about these changes will be included in the Sun Although I'm pleased to be included in this project, more importantly I'm impressed that the Register is providing a forum that allows more established bloggers an opportunity to present opinions on topics that are important to everyone from such a variety of perspectives. Most people in Central Iowa recognize that the Register's editorial positions tend to lean to the Left (although they occasionally surprise us). It is an exceptional publication that works with people from an opposing perspective as actively as The Des Moines Register is at this time. Bloggers featured include: From the Left: From the Right [...]
A New Venture Or Two

Always Remember

WTC LightsIt was eight years ago today, as many days into George W. Bush's Presidency then as we are now in Barack Obama's, that we were viciously attached by an enemy that seeks only to terrorize and devastate us. They have less honor than the Japanese ever did, no apparent desire to take control of our land, and no official standing with the U.N. or any western nation that could provide even a modicum of legitimacy to their actions. And they attacked a civilian target. It is not enough to move on from this. Moving on has become a weary forgetfulness that leaves us emotionally and physically unprepared for the reality of a difficult world and the evil intents of those who hate us. Moving on from Hitler's Germany has left us so dreadfully unscarred that when we see the rise of leaders like Saddam Hussein, we still think we can negotiate our way from the risk of land-grabbing military campaigns, or can turn a blind eye to genocide in places like Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. We may not be the world's police, but we can and should be part of the the conscience and leadership that makes this world free. And perhaps there will be times when we must stand alone for what is right. It is not enough to move on and yet forget the fortitude it took to work together to emerge from the rubble intact. That fortitude, the wise watching that followed, and the integrity to face head-on the military and political attacks on our nation and all people who long to be free across the world, are what we will need to continue as a strong nation. Let's remember those who fell as innocent victims and as rescuers. Remember the price they paid, that we paid in losing them, and the vision of freedom that stirs in every human heart.
Did Obama’s Speech Change Your Mind?

Did Obama’s Speech Change Your Mind?

The President of The United States, the Leader of The Free World, The Hope and Change for our nation, sounds tonight like a hero to some, a potential suitor to others, and a charlatan to the rest. President Barack Obama's speech (video/text) was somewhat predictable. And yet, the core principles are honorable and should be agreeable to all parties:
  1. Provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance
  2. Provide insurance to those who don’t
  3. Slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government
These words are verbatim from the President. And I agree with them. Unfortunately, the President began falling flat with the very next paragraph when he stated:
"...if you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, Medicare, Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have. Let me repeat this: nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have."
This is a promise that Obama simply cannot keep. Why? The first principle of security and stability will require changes in the business model of insurance companies. This will quickly lead to changes in premium costs and the structure of policies. What any of us with insurance currently has will simply have to change, and to the financial disadvantage of the majority. Frankly, I'm not worried about how [...]
A New Venture Or Two

How To Read A Bill

Reading StackNot something you have to pay for (well, maybe), but legislative bills. Kim Lehman wrote a piece at Caffeinated Thoughts (Shane took a few days of well-deserved vacation). She provides some key valuable insights into how to understand a bill's content. Well worth the time! Kind of scary to think that more constituents are reading these bills than the Congressmen and Senators themselves. We'll add a link to this in TCR Tools as well. Reading Assignment:
HR 2454: Cap and Trade
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