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The Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s looking like we’re in for a hard weekend and even into next week… thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, flooding.  Everyone’s wondering if it will be as bad as the floods of ’93.  I don’t know, but if it is, I would prefer FEMA and the rest of the Federal Government just leave us alone, thank you very much.  We solved the issues with the water supply, we’ve got new berms and flood walls and so on… I suspect we can take care of ourselves here.

The last thing I’d want to see is for us to get dependent on the government like that.  If we think we should wait for federal assistance, we’ll be in worse shape than we were before.

That said, I …

Interesting Day

Just a few reflections on the day…


News reports put Hillary ending her campaign on Friday or Saturday. As usual, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s sad that Hillary has had such a hard time concluding her campain:

“We pledged to support her to the end,” said Representative Charles B. Rangel, a New York Democrat who has been a patron of Mrs. Clinton since she first ran for the Senate. “Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.”

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter (yes, I know that last time I mentioned her I was not very gracious) shares some valuable insights comparing Hillary’s complaints about popular votes vs. delegate votes, and comparing this situation to Al Gore’s …

Bad Weather Here In Iowa

Thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes have been running rampant across Iowa and other parts of the Midwest.

In Iowa, the town of Parkersburg has suffered substantially severe damage. It sounds pretty bad. 5 dead so far there, and 2 others in New Hartford.

Here in West Des Moines, we’ve watched several storm cells pass us to the north and south, but none has hit us yet. There is, however, a rather large system heading our way in the next hour or so. If it doesn’t die out first, it’ll hit us. Hopefully just a bunch of rain.

Our prayers go to those who are being impacted by this weekend’s storms, especially those that have lost loved ones and homes.

10:00 PM: Rain finally starting here. Sounds …

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