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Just a few reflections on the day…


News reports put Hillary ending her campaign on Friday or Saturday. As usual, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s sad that Hillary has had such a hard time concluding her campain:

“We pledged to support her to the end,” said Representative Charles B. Rangel, a New York Democrat who has been a patron of Mrs. Clinton since she first ran for the Senate. “Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.”

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter (yes, I know that last time I mentioned her I was not very gracious) shares some valuable insights comparing Hillary’s complaints about popular votes vs. delegate votes, and comparing this situation to Al Gore’s lossing 2000. Reading this item will provide a little education as well around how Presidential elections work.

John McCain continues to make slow progress impressing conservative bloggers. Today Matt Lewis at Townhall relates today’s blogger conference call with McCain where he responded poorly to pointed questions about Juan Hernandez and questionable comments by McCain around immigration. John, I know you can do better.

News this morning that incumbent Leonard Boswell beat Ed Fallon to take the Democratic nomination for the 3rd district US House contest here in Iowa, and will be running against Kim Schmidt in November. Christopher Reed, a relatively unknown quantity, beat George Eichhorn (by less than 1%) and Steve Rathje for the Republucan honor of running against Tom Harkin, the Democratic Senator from Iowa.


Fellow Swamp Stomper McGehee ventured into Iowa today, just as massive storms with multiple tornadoes, which are still popping up southwest and south of us. Multiple storm systems are covering a large part of western Iowa, and I expect it will be a long night. We’ve watched several areas southwest of us getting hit by very large, very powerful tornadoes, large hail, and heavy rain. With the storms to the northwest, we will likely have significant flooding in our areas for the next several days.

Garden Life:

Still running late on the vegetable garden. Usually I have most stuff in by now, but the rain and other interruptions have kept me from getting done. Got my lawn-mowing neighbor kid to spread a bunch of peat moss for me today, and I’ll get that all tilled in tomorrow along with a load of sand coming in the afternoon. The wife has her garden work all done, and has been helping me with some of my work. I’m probably over-doing it this year, but I do enjoy it.

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