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Thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes have been running rampant across Iowa and other parts of the Midwest.

In Iowa, the town of Parkersburg has suffered substantially severe damage. It sounds pretty bad. 5 dead so far there, and 2 others in New Hartford.

Here in West Des Moines, we’ve watched several storm cells pass us to the north and south, but none has hit us yet. There is, however, a rather large system heading our way in the next hour or so. If it doesn’t die out first, it’ll hit us. Hopefully just a bunch of rain.

Our prayers go to those who are being impacted by this weekend’s storms, especially those that have lost loved ones and homes.

10:00 PM: Rain finally starting here. Sounds like hail as well.

Update (10:10): According to KCCI-TV, most structures in Parkersburg have been destroyed.  It appears that the water tower is standing.  The entire town has been evacuated for safety reasons.

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