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Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

Finally! Osama bin Laden Dead!

On national television this evening, President Obama informed the public that bin Laden had been killed in a firefight with a small team of America forces who had attacked a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan in an effort to capture the Al Queda leader. There were no American casualties.

The President's speech covered just about every aspect of the situation, and reflected on the history of bin Laden and his murderous mayhem on the world. He also keyed in on an important fact: Al Queda has not been shut down. There will likely be continued attacks along with targeted reprisals for today's successful operation.

Although the details are still sketchy, it appears that the terror leader was killed earlier in the day, and presumably verification and notification of certain world leaders was necessary before notifying the public at large.

Although there will doubtless be days and weeks of analysis of bin Laden's killing, the events leading up to it, the aftermath, the statement it makes to terrorists, the statement it makes to leaders like Gaddafi (who just lost his own son in a NATO attack that appears to have targeted him). As the President said, it is important to remember that a large number of people in the military, intelligence, domestic security, foreign partners and our elected leaders have worked hard for the last 10 years to search out those responsible for 9/11 and to protect our interests, and they have done a magnificent job despite occasional problems.

The President deserves congratulations and [...]

Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

Nepolitano: The System Worked

Janet NapolitanoNot in my wildest dreams would I believe that a US official could be so stupid as to say something like this in the face of unrelenting facts. And intriguing enough is that it happened on CNN, whose reporting tends to be as supportive of the Obama administration as possible. Of course, this is coming from the leader of the same department that earlier this year targeted "right-wing extremists" as high-risk for recruiting new members and conducting terrorist activities. About the only spin one could put on this is that "...the system worked, but it's broke". That perspective behind a statement like this is part of the problem. Saying that everything worked like it's supposed to but it's not supposed to work that way just leaves one wondering how much thought is going into the design of the process that is supposed to be protecting our country. Clearly the system is broke. To think that someone who has been identified as a terrorist risk like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab could be allowed onto a passenger jet without careful screening is just insane... and there are 500,000 people on the list he was placed on a month ago! As I shared in my piece at the Des Moines Register yesterday, the entire focus [...]
Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

Always Remember

WTC LightsIt was eight years ago today, as many days into George W. Bush's Presidency then as we are now in Barack Obama's, that we were viciously attached by an enemy that seeks only to terrorize and devastate us. They have less honor than the Japanese ever did, no apparent desire to take control of our land, and no official standing with the U.N. or any western nation that could provide even a modicum of legitimacy to their actions. And they attacked a civilian target. It is not enough to move on from this. Moving on has become a weary forgetfulness that leaves us emotionally and physically unprepared for the reality of a difficult world and the evil intents of those who hate us. Moving on from Hitler's Germany has left us so dreadfully unscarred that when we see the rise of leaders like Saddam Hussein, we still think we can negotiate our way from the risk of land-grabbing military campaigns, or can turn a blind eye to genocide in places like Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. We may not be the world's police, but we can and should be part of the the conscience and leadership that makes this world free. And perhaps there will be times when we must stand alone for what is right. It is not enough to move on and yet forget the fortitude it took to work together to emerge from the rubble intact. That fortitude, the wise watching that followed, and the integrity to face head-on the military and political attacks on our nation and all people who long to be free across the world, are what we will need to continue as a strong nation. Let's remember those who fell as innocent victims and as rescuers. Remember the price they paid, that we paid in losing them, and the vision of freedom that stirs in every human heart.
Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

Obama Exemplifies Dhimmitude (Submission) During G20 World Tour

During Obama's G20 World Tour (did you buy the t-shirt?) this week, we were witness to several disturbing actions and statements on the part of the President. Two that come to mind are his bowing lowly before the King of Saudi Arabia (see the photo - ever see a US President do that?), and his speech before the Turkish parliament on Islam and United States. Both are examples of dhimmitude. What's that, you ask? Basically, it is a form of submission. The word "dhimmitude" comes from "dhimmi", an Arabic word meaning "protected". Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. It is the status that Islamic law, the Sharia, mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Populations under conquering Islamic rule were basically given three choices: submit to Islam, die, or becoming a Dhimmi. To be a Dhimmi, one was [...]

A Defining Day

Seven years ago today our world changed.  Expressing how that day felt and how it has changed the way we live today I will leave to the rest of the world today.  It was a day of great heroism and pain, and I cannot forget it.  It hurts. My concern today is how quickly...
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