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Seven years ago today our world changed.  Expressing how that day felt and how it has changed the way we live today I will leave to the rest of the world today.  It was a day of great heroism and pain, and I cannot forget it.  It hurts.

My concern today is how quickly we seem to have forgotten.  It is a shame that so many are anxious to forget the horror of 2001, the loss of life, the viciousness of the attack and the evil that permeates the hearts of those that wish to destroy America.

I can’t say that I understand the kind of hatred held by those who want to do us harm.  But I am confident that they will not stop trying.  That fact alone should sit at the forefront of the minds of every voter, member of Congress, court justices, officials, police and military responsible for protecting our country.  It is unforunate, but the same kind of alert diligence that kept us safe during the Cold War will need to be continued, in a much less predictable battlefield, as we engage in the war on terror. 

As we find new ways to protect ourselves, we cannot trust that our enemies will not find a way to defeat our defenses. 

We must ensure that we give law enforcement and military the tools they need to do their jobs.  This is part of the key aspects of our Governments overall responsibility. 

We must ensure that those who put themselves in harms way, be they police or fire fighters or military, are properly compensated, properly protected, properly provided for after they serve, and that their families are cared for in any outcome.  An example of an organization working to meet the needs of military families is America’s Family Coaches.  Another that provides reading material for soldiers is Books For Soldiers.  I know there are many many other organizations that try to help our military, police and fire fighters… leave a comment if you know of one.

As we run through this election cycle, much may be made of support for veterans.  I think we all know we can never do enough.  We should, however do what we can and meet the needs effectively.  More importantly, whenever you see a veteran, be sure to honor them and thank them.  Teach your children the same habit.  Among all the mistakes we’ve made over the years, we never want to make the mistake again of welcoming soldiers home the way those who served in Viet Nam were welcomed, with protests, vicious criticisms, and venomous angry lies. 

Okay, enough said.  I hope you take the chance to remember what happened today and do what you can to make sure we never forget.

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