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Christians and the Sphere of the State

Reprinted from The Iowa Family Policy Center Blog, with permission.

Hugh Hewitt recently interviewed theologian J.P. Moreland on the evangelical understanding (or lack there of) of being a responsible Christian citizen in our democratic republic.

Moreland, who has written extensively on Christian truth in the public square, had this to say:

“Being involved in politics is not unchristian. In fact, it’s a part of our calling as Christians. Why? Because we are supposed to do good to all people including the household of faith. And to do good to all people means establishing just laws and a just and a stable social order. And that’s the job of the state. It’s political. So the first thing a pastor should do and the Church should

How Will You be Remembered? And By Whom?

I’m struck by a column by Tim Ellsworth:

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–An unusual obituary ran in a California newspaper in August.

It was an obit for 79-year-old Delores Aguilar in the Times-Herald of Vallejo, Calif. Her daughter Virginia Brown was the writer.

“Delores had no hobbies, made no contribution to society and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life,” Brown wrote about her mother. “I speak for the majority of her family when I say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed and there will be no lamenting over her passing.”


John Bogert of another local paper, the Daily Breeze, got hold of this and went round to determine if the obit was legitimate or …


Spreading The ???

As I’ve been listening to and contemplating the whole discussion around “spreading the wealth”, it’s occurred to me that when the wealth is being spread, there’s more than just wealth that gets spread.

That’s right, the poverty gets spread too.

Of course, calling it “spreading the poverty” might seem too severe, but here’s the thing: people have poverty, wealth, or something in between. If you spread one, you spread it all.

My preference now is to think of it as “spreading the mediocrity”.  As we discussed in the past, providing equal access to economic resources (“spreading the wealth”, or “wealth redistribution”) is going to lead to a society that is motivated to meet the status quo, to do just enough to get by, to …

Yet Another Plot To Assassinate Obama

The Feds managed to spoil a new plot by apparent amateurs who wanted to try and kill Barack Obama.

Repudiating any attempt to take a life is easy.  Seeing what this can mean is a little harder.

Strong emotions are clearly evident across the country, and varying degrees of violence are queuing up to be released in very short order.  I am watching people on both ends of the spectrum, and even many in the middle, becoming so charged with anger and frustration, and yet often end up misdirecting their fire.  I’ve been on the receiving end of that recently, and I don’t think some people know when they are doing this.

I’m convinced there will be violence after this election regardless of who wins.…

Radio Station Encouraged McCain-Palin Signs To Be Brought In For Hoax Dying Child

The TCR OJ award (for those that manage to avoid accountability) goes to KCJJ’s Morning Show, yet another sign that we will put up with any kind of illegal behavior…

(Coralville, IA) – An Iowa City area radio talk show host has admitted that an on-air report of a dying child’s last wish to set the Guinness World Record for having the most McCain-Palin yard signs is untrue and claims it is a hoax. “Captain” Steve Soboroff and co-host Tommy Lang of KCJJ 1630-AM in Coralville began asking listeners last week to take McCain-Palin yard signs and bring them to the radio station for a dying child. They now admit there is no such child.

Soboroff admitted the hoax when interviewed by KGAN-TV

Voting Fraud: Risks Of An Open Society

The Supreme Court today backed the petition of the Ohio Secretary of State‘s position that they did not need to verify the records of about 200,000 new voters this years whose ID information did not match government records.  That’s more than 25% of the new voter registrations in Ohio.

Although it’s a fairly partisan confrontation, it highlights something that is becoming more endemic across our fruited plane: in our attempts to ensure that people are able to exercise their right to vote, we are becoming more and more at risk of exposing a larger segment of ballots to fraud.

The problem extends beyond just the sublime attempts to cast ballots in the names of the dead or those not inclined to bother voting.  Lacking …

To Clarify A Point

My friends at Century Of The Common Iowan have pointed out that I made a statement that wasn’t very clear.  Sometimes I assume people know what I’m talking about, and this is a case where that was a really bad assumption.

In talking about the Briston Palin controversy, I had said:

It’s unfortunate that the society that has been largely built over the last 50 years on the social philosophy of the extreme Left makes it so difficult for parents to keep their children from engaging in activities that lead to pregnancy.

You’re right, I led with my thoughts but not with a clear explanation of how I got there.  I really have got to do better.

Anyhow, here’s a reply I left at Century …

What A Week: Marriage

Two big hits on prominant families this week.

Mr. Shawshank

One is Morgan Freeman.  You may recall he was in an automobile accident earlier this week and was in serious condition.  He was released later in the week after surgery with shoulder damage and a broken arm and elbow.  According to Fox News, Freeman and his wife Myrna Colley-Lee have been separated since last December.

As far as I know, this was a huge surpise to most of the world.  Of course, being in an accident with a lady friend in the car can lead to speculation, but I don’t anyone was ready to start accusing Freeman of infidelity.  It seems she was a friend that had simply offered him a ride home.

I’m …

Hit and Run and Ignore?

It took me a few days to figure out I could talk about this story without referring to the AP article… fortunately, a local newspaper (The Hartford Courant) web site covered the story along with the video. I’ve had several people mention this story to me via email.

So, two cars are racing around and a gentleman gets hit by one of them. Pretty routine, happens all the time. What was unusual was the lack of any helpful response by the crowd.

So, what’s happening here? Why would a crowd of people just circle around or walk by someone clearly in need without coming close enough to even convey a sense of belonging to the same race?

Those in the community of Hartford, Connecticut are …

Psychiatry And Society

When I was in college, my first major was Psychology. I was planning to become a counselor like psychologist in my high school who helped me work through some issues (sure, not all of them, but you should have seen me then). One semester was enough to tell me this was not my field. A lot of work was done to reach conclusions that just seemed too obvious to me, and although I do respect those that work in the field to serve the needs of individuals, the overarching view by some that psychology/psychiatry provides a method for improving society is tenuous in my mind.

And so today I find in one of my favorite weekly columns in the Wall Street Journal, the “Five Best” …

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