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Keywords: How Do We Know The Meaning?

Anyone that knows me knows how strongly I pay attention to the words we use and understand them by their defined meaning. In my opinion, it is antithetical to accept word usage alone as the means for understanding a word’s meaning, such as the (to me) crass usage of “insure” to mean “to make certain that an outcome will occur” (also the definition for “ensure”), when the correct and only meaning should be “to provide a guarantee of correction in the event of an adverse outcome”. Unfortunately, the fact that word usage and education have become so careless over time has brought us, in less than 40 years, to a place where the meanings of words have changed simply because enough people have slaughtered their …

Taxation and Social Responsibility

Ah, my first contribution to the Conservative Reader.  I hope my effort is worthy of this site.  I hope I can remember my training from last night.  I hope I don’t come off sounding like a fool, or worse yet, like a pompas ass, but then again, how would anyone know the difference.

In the March 17, 2008 edition of Fortune, Geoff Colvin described a situation that is rearing it’s ugly head and that no one wants to talk about.  The subject was Medicare and in the opinion of many, including Alan Greenspan, this one issue will do more to negatively impact the American economy than the current credit crisis, than the war in Iraq, than $100 a barrel oil, than the trade …

DSM Register: Spitzer’s Privacy Invaded by Feds

There is little need to retrace the Eliot Spitzer story except to say: he got caught with a prostitute and apparently was using a form of structuring (attempting to get around federal bank reporting rules) in an attempt to hide the source and/or use of funds.  Although a lot of hay is being made about him being with a prostitute when he had set himself up as the hero against prostitution, the real issues here are going to center around how he was hiding money, and more importantly, why.  There were almost certainly laws broken here, and we suspect there is more to come.

However, the Des Moines Register (a substantively liberal media outlet) expressed an opinion today that this whole tawdry affair should never …

Resign Yourself to This #1

Not surprisingly, Eliot Spitzer did resign today as Governor of New York, ,effective Monday. There is lots and lots of pundit commentary on this today (see Memeorandum). I’m sorry for his family, and I’m glad he did the right thing.

A coworker of mine made a good observation. He said, it seems as time goes on, we are becoming more and more intolerant of bad behavior. Not that it should be okay to engage in illicit sexual activity, but there was a time when bad behavior on the part of politicians was treated with more of a “boys will be boys” kind of mentality. His question to me today was, “What’s changed since Bill Clinton?”, alluding to the fact that Clinton brazenly behaved very badly …

Veto is Solid on Torture Bill

House Republicans made the right choice today when they helped hold the line on Bush’s veto of the bill intended to ban waterboarding.

Democrats are resting on the wrong principle here in trying to protect the rights of terrorists. They are convinced they are on the side of protecting everyone in an effort to do the right thing.

Or, they are simply trying to use this issue as a means to gain public sympathy in hopes of seating a Democrat in the Oval Office again. And to keep their own seats in Congress.

At the same time, we have a very real issue to continue to monitor when it comes to the rights of innocent Americans. And it’s not just an issue of whether we …

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