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The Feds managed to spoil a new plot by apparent amateurs who wanted to try and kill Barack Obama.

Repudiating any attempt to take a life is easy.  Seeing what this can mean is a little harder.

Strong emotions are clearly evident across the country, and varying degrees of violence are queuing up to be released in very short order.  I am watching people on both ends of the spectrum, and even many in the middle, becoming so charged with anger and frustration, and yet often end up misdirecting their fire.  I’ve been on the receiving end of that recently, and I don’t think some people know when they are doing this.

I’m convinced there will be violence after this election regardless of who wins.

If Barack Obama wins, there will be such extreme celebration, like some cities after huge sporting successes, that property will be destroyed and some people hurt.  And I suspect that within a year of winning the election, Obama will either be assassinated successfully (I have no desire to see that happen) or there will be many attempts.  The Secret Service will probably be busier than ever.

If John McCain wins, there will be rioting throughout America.  Perhaps to different degrees in different locales.  Iowa will probably have candlelight vigils, parts of California could be decimated.

I really hope I’m wrong about this.  However, the polarizing of America is not only taking us further from each other, but also becoming more intense.  What is really strange about it all is that there is a definite sense of moderation in both parties, and yet those who hold strong positions appear to reject the middle more and more.  The majority of the country can certainly sit in the middle, but there are enough pushing to the ends that angst is palpable.

I am please about this: more and more people appear to be seeking to understand and ensure they can support their position.  More people are attempting to inform themselves.  This is good.  Strong opinions are good.  And even being emotionally engaged is good.  However, strong opinions and feelings should not bleed over into anger and hate for others.

I think we can abandon any hope that either candidate is going to bring unity or healing to the nation.  They can’t and won’t.  But we can and should.  Relationships are far more important than politics.  We can learn to disagree and still be friends.

I encourage you to try.

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