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Two Historic Days

Today we celebrate the birth of one of the icons of our nation: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I shared some thoughts last year, which remain as they are, but I never imagined at that time the course that history would take between these two celebrations of his birth.

There are days that I still find myself seeing even more deeply just how depraved we have been as a nation.  I’ve been studying our history this past year, and find that in the midst of a hundred other events in the course of time we have been surrounded by our constant failure to give all people the respect and opportunity they deserve.  Although I would contend that we have done what should be done by …

The United States Starts Year 233

This is going to be a great day! I liked Sister Toldjah’s emphatic “What a great day it is to be an American!”. I woke up with a sense of anticipation at what the next year in our nation’s history will be like. What kinds of decisions will we make? How will we improve our standing among other nations? How will we make the lives of people in our country more secure, more joyful, more free?

In years past, we have had a quiz in the local newspaper about the history around this day… it did not show up today. Perhaps it will tomorrow.

They did reprint the Declaration of Independence. I hope people are reading it today and recalling why we formed …

How Quickly Can Obama Get Ready?

In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel takes a careful look at the events around the Obama campaign and provides a keen analysis of his comments,  actions, and the attempts by his campaign and supporters to shore up his mistakes.

It’s apparent that BO is in need of help along the way.  But does he want that help?

Cyborg ObamaThe Illinois Senator has carried out a campaign where much of the important content, including clear readings of his positions and intentions as President, have been largely overlooked in the midst of controversy after controversy, including reviews of questionable friendships and meaningless bickering with Senator Clinton about anything they can think of.  It is incredibly amazing that both their campaigns sank so low as to make race …

Can Conservatives Support McCain?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News today proclaimed an about-face on his position regarding John McCain. Granted, Hawkins is not make a huge shift in position, since he has shared the same opinion of many of us that McCain is far from conservative and not what we consider the ideal candidate. But he has also shared the opinion of many of us that we need to support McCain regardless in order to avoid the inevitable catastrophe that the Democrats would foist upon us if they take the White House.

Now, he is convinced that he cannot support McCain.

I have a lot of respect for John Hawkins and I even understand his reasoning on this topic, as it appears very likely that McCain has not …

McCain’s Strategy May Be Sharper Than You Think

I tend to agree with just about everyone on the planet (Michelle Malkin, Bithead, Sean Hannity, et al) that has told John McCain, in fairly direct terms, that he’s a dunce for asking the North Carolina GOP to back off with the Obama ads featuring the Reverend Wright.  All this at about the same time that Wright is coming out to tell everyone how misunderstood both he and poor Barack are in the quagmire they’ve created.

It occurred to me today that perhaps John’s agenda is a little different than we think it is… we’ve already seen this happen with other media splashes (remember when Hucksterbee pulled some negative ads at the last minute, but showed them to the press so they …

We Have a Winner for Contest #4!

Demosthenes is this week’s winner!

You may recall the question was:

Hypothetical question: If President Bush, Vice President Cheney, House Speaker Pelosi, Senate President Pro Tempore Byrd, Secretary of State Rice, Secretary of the Treasury Paulson, Secretary of Defense Gates, Attorney General Mukasey, Secretary of Interior Kempthorne, and Secretary of Agriculture Schafer were all killed, who (today) would be next in line to become President?

The answer is Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt. Only because both Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, whose Cabinet positions are next in line after Secretary of Agriculture Schafer, are ineligible. It is required that one succeeding to the Presidency fulfill the Constitutional prerequisites for the Presidency, which includes age, birth and …

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