Can Conservatives Support McCain?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News today proclaimed an about-face on his position regarding John McCain. Granted, Hawkins is not make a huge shift in position, since he has shared the same opinion of many of us that McCain is far from conservative and not what we consider the ideal candidate. But he has also shared the opinion of many of us that we need to support McCain regardless in order to avoid the inevitable catastrophe that the Democrats would foist upon us if they take the White House.

Now, he is convinced that he cannot support McCain.

I have a lot of respect for John Hawkins and I even understand his reasoning on this topic, as it appears very likely that McCain has not been forthright about his position on immigration reform.

I also respect his right to hold this opinion, to voice it, and to act on it as he has and apparently plans to do.

It is unfortunate that part of that includes excusing himself from receiving information from McCain’s campaign and engaging in conference calls with McCain. In this entire discussion, this part of his decision is the most disappointing. Hawkins’ position is that he cannot trust McCain to be honest. I would contend that there are few politicians whom I can trust to give me a 100% honest response to many questions, and that part of the role of those in the News Media and Blogdom is to know how to work with that fact effectively. I think John Hawkins is well equipped to do that, and it will be a shame to miss out on his insights and involvement as he gives up the level of access he has maintained.

Although Hawkins’ own words in the past have sent the same message, I want to reiterate the importance of two things:

  1. Ensuring we don’t allow the Democrats access to appointing the next 5 Supreme Court Justices. We will end up with activist judges, a court that will find ways to demolish our rights and our economy, and further difficulty moving the country in the right direction even with a Conservative Congress and President in office.
  2. Engaging with Republican candidates for Congress and President. Expressing support is not enough, and frankly, not as important as communicating with candidates and those in office. It is critical that the message is delivered, and done continuously and consistently so that our country may move forward and make the right decisions, looking to long-term, keeping government small, our nation strong, and fiscally sound.

Our Government cannot stay on the right course if we are not vigilant, engaged and unified. If we sit back and just watch it fall apart, it is no longer a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

Hat Tip to Bithead and Sister Toldjah. Additional comments by DavidL at Bitsblog.

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