McCain’s Strategy May Be Sharper Than You Think

I tend to agree with just about everyone on the planet (Michelle Malkin, Bithead, Sean Hannity, et al) that has told John McCain, in fairly direct terms, that he’s a dunce for asking the North Carolina GOP to back off with the Obama ads featuring the Reverend Wright.  All this at about the same time that Wright is coming out to tell everyone how misunderstood both he and poor Barack are in the quagmire they’ve created.

It occurred to me today that perhaps John’s agenda is a little different than we think it is… we’ve already seen this happen with other media splashes (remember when Hucksterbee pulled some negative ads at the last minute, but showed them to the press so they could see what a great guy he was for pulling them?).

As I’m listening Hannity and the national news and other media outlets, it seems to me that creating this story has also created much more exposure and attention to the ads than would have occurred otherwise.  And all under the guise of trying to “do the right thing”.  I could be wrong, and I certainly prefer anyone who may become POTUS to be aggressive in seeking victory, but this could very well be a shrewd ploy on McCain’s part.  And regardless, it seems to be working very well.

Hat Tip to Bithead.

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