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It’s Not the End

I’ve read and heard a number of conservatives (and I myself have struggled with this) who appear to be giving up on this year’s elections already. I’m disappointed. Ann Coulter certainly exuded an extreme version of the conservative angst (although she’s definitely on the wrong track by suggesting Hillary is a viable alternative to McCain). However just as effective as Coulter’s idea of supporting Clinton are the following ideas:

  1. Vote for any candidate on the ballot other than McCain
  2. Don’t vote for any candidate for President
  3. Skip the election altogether

A man named Rick Warren penned these words in the book The Purpose Driven Life:

It’s not about you.

I think this applies here, with a few more words: “It’s not about the President, …

Without Fred, What’s Next?

I’ve already read a number of strong and thought provoking comments around various blogs as people have anticipated (prior to yesterday’s announcement) and reacted to Fred’s departure from the race. There is significant support for Fred’s message, disappointment (and some outrage) over his announcement, and frustration that the remaining lot of Republican candidates leave much to be desired. What is a conservative voter to do?

Some have suggested other candidates. Those that would be happy to have anyone other than Hillary or Obama in office lean heavily toward one of the front runners, who I think are in the position they are in because of one of three things:

  1. Their elect-ability (I despise this reason)
  2. Their message appeals to many who are toward the middle

Iowa Wants Change

These are words I have been hearing from both candidates and the MSM alike. Particularly the day after the Caucus… so many declaring that the results of the Caucus was a “mandate for change”… I wish I knew what the “change” really is.

Mind you, I’m fine with change, as long as it makes sense. One clear mandate for change is forced on us by the 22nd amendment… you know, the one that limits any particular person to 2 terms as President. So, Bush can’t run again, so we have new (well, sort of new) candidates on the Republican side. Of course, the Democrat have about the same amount of new-ness in their candidates as well.

Saying that any candidate represents a mandate for change …

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