Ron Paul’s Constituents Seeing The Light?

Hat Tip to BitHead for this, who aptly asks  “Anyone want proof there’s a God?” while referencing this article by Roger L. Simon at PajamasMedia on the potential demise of Ron Paul’s seat in Congress.  Evidently,  Chris Pedena, newcomer to national politics (a city councilman and CPA) is running against Ron in the March 4th primary.

I’ve previously said that Ron needs to exit the campaign so he can serve his constituents, and I alluded to the fact that the more he campaigns for President, the more his district learns about his views and character that they (perhaps) did not know before, or at least did not understand how extreme they were.  Frankly, I’m surprised the polling numbers aren’t worse from the sheer embarrassment of seeing who Ron really is, but then again, that may be the kind of people in his district too.

I’ve also offered my appreciation for Ron’s statement that he would go to the National Convention and ensure that his message is heard there.  I appreciate it because it reinforces my opinion that all of us should work hard to ensure our message is heard and not abandon the party and the platform it provides us to get our views on the table for discussion.  Many of us are disappointed that we don’t have the right candidate as the nominee, and have made that the litmus test for supporting or rejecting the Party.  The more thoughtful and interested we are in the success of our nation, however, the more we are needed to provide leading voices within the party that has the closest set of values to our own, and should work within that party to succeed.  Granted, Ron is likely doing this more to ensure he maintains national visibility for the future (starting his 2012 bid essentially), but I support the face-value of what he states.

But I disagree strongly with much of his politics, and as Simon says (no pun intended), his continued efforts toward the convention have probably cost him his House seat.  I do hope it doesn’t cost us a Republican vote in the House as well.  From what little I’ve heard about Pedena, however, I think he may not only win, but has the potential to provide great leadership in the House.

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