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The Final 2008 Presidential Debate: Open Thread

As mentioned earlier, this will be an open thread for any comments you have during and after tonight’s Presidential debate. Please keep it clean and kind. We always reserve the right to delete anything we find offensive.

I so wish I could be here tonight, but events are preventing me from being online during this big showdown (although I’m not expecting much excitement tonight). 

Enjoy the debate!!!…

2008 Presidential Debate Number 3 Preview

I apologize that I will not be available to provide live comments during the debate tonight.  I will be on the road and unable to blog during the debate, but I will be listening.

There will be an open thread entry that will appear at 8:30 PM Eastern time for those of you that wish to offer comments during the debate.  Please come join us, and perhaps some of the other TCR writers will be here to comment.

I expect that after 2 other rather lack-luster events, we can probably expect this one to be not much different, which is a shame.  After McCain started soft-pedaling how people should percieve Obama, I find it hard to believe that we should expect any fireworks tonight.  I …

Presidential Debates 2: The Town Hall Preview

Well, we all wanted a town hall (actually, we wanted a bunch of them), so here we are.

What should we expect?

First of all, here at TCR, we plan to have live blogging once again.  I’m hoping that CoverItLive has their act together this time.  I never heard back from them after Thursday night’s debacle, and I really don’t want to through that again.  Regardless, join us here Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern as we bring you analysis as it happens.

With regard to content, I’m not sure what to expect with the audience and questions.  Lynn Sweet from the Sun-Times tells us:

Tuesday’s match-up at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., will be moderated by NBC’s Tom Brokaw, with the questions to be culled

Live Blogging The Vice Presidential Debate

We’ll be starting right at 9:00 PM Eastern.  We look forward to your participation!

I’m going to have to switch to using the comments section. I don’t know what the issue is but CoveritLive is apparently having issues tonight. Please feel free to leave comments as you think of things to share.…

VP Debate Preview

We do plan to live blog tonight’s debate, so gather around tonight around 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

I suspect tonight may be more influential to the election than last Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama.  And hinges mostly on how well Palin looks.  If Palin performs poorly, Biden could just stand there and smile and win the debate.  If Palin does well, or even okay, that could seriously swing things the other way.

From all the media discussion, it sounds like Biden will likely keep the gloves on and treat Palin with respect.  The thinking is that he will avoid any reference to her gender in a disparaging way (probably a good idea) and will even give her room to make mistakes without pouncing on …

Live Blogging the State of the Union Address

Starting at 8:00 PM Central.…

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