VP Debate Preview

We do plan to live blog tonight’s debate, so gather around tonight around 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

I suspect tonight may be more influential to the election than last Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama.  And hinges mostly on how well Palin looks.  If Palin performs poorly, Biden could just stand there and smile and win the debate.  If Palin does well, or even okay, that could seriously swing things the other way.

From all the media discussion, it sounds like Biden will likely keep the gloves on and treat Palin with respect.  The thinking is that he will avoid any reference to her gender in a disparaging way (probably a good idea) and will even give her room to make mistakes without pouncing on them like a rabid tiger.

That’s no way to treat a pit bull, with or without lipstick.

Obviously, the point is to avoid looking like a total jerk by taking advantage of his apparent superiority in foreign policy knowledge and experience debating in a national forum.

However, such a strategy could easily backfire.  He may end up looking so timid that people will wonder why they would support him at all.  And if Palin takes the advantage and hits him hard, he may not know how to react.

I kind of hope that this plays out that way.  It would help demonstrate the errs and sufferings of pathetic pacifistic leadership.  And the power of agressive, proactive, strong leadership.

Or we may be treated to an evening of dancing bunnies.  Who knows?

So, setup the TV, grab your laptop and a cup of joe (decaf?), and let’s all watch and share!

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