Presidential Debates 2: The Town Hall Preview

Well, we all wanted a town hall (actually, we wanted a bunch of them), so here we are.

What should we expect?

First of all, here at TCR, we plan to have live blogging once again.  I’m hoping that CoverItLive has their act together this time.  I never heard back from them after Thursday night’s debacle, and I really don’t want to through that again.  Regardless, join us here Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern as we bring you analysis as it happens.

With regard to content, I’m not sure what to expect with the audience and questions.  Lynn Sweet from the Sun-Times tells us:

Tuesday’s match-up at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., will be moderated by NBC’s Tom Brokaw, with the questions to be culled from a group of 100 to 150 uncommitted likely voters in the audience and another one-third to come via the Internet. The Gallup Organization — as in past debates like this — has the job of making sure the questioners reflect the demographic makeup of the nation.

Hopefully, Gallup will help ensure the questions are valuable.  And Brokaw is sure to make sure the tone is biased to Obama.  It will be quite interesting to see what questions we get from the uncommitted crowd.

Keep track of how many times questions aren’t answered (by either candidate).  And how many times Obama goes after Palin.  Hopefully, McCain gets his message out clearly, about who he is.

Let Obama speak for himself.  Just step back and let America see him for who he is.

If you’d like to get your question in yet, it’s too late.  Sorry.

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