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Polling Data: To What End?

The biggest fraud in this election appears to be the use of polling numbers to disorient and discourage (mostly) Republican voters.

How many times have you heard three or four different sets of polling results in for the same state in the same time period?  Keep an eye on the organizations providing the information.  I doubt that any partisan organization is going to avoid showing numbers favorable to their candidate, but the largely liberal media is clearly having a heyday pushing numbers that just don’t add up.  Even this week here in Iowa, polling supposedly puts Obama 12 to 13 points ahead of McCain.

So why was Obama planning to come to Iowa this week?  (that trip was canceled after suspending his campaign to spend …

Colin Powell Endorsement: Who Cares?

It’s not exactly been a big mystery where the former Secretary of State was going with his own vote this year.  And NBC was was certainly fairly confident that they knew what Power was going to say today when he gave his endorsement to Obama (transcript).

I would tend to agree with Michelle Malkin when she states that this doesn’t look like a mater of race, despite contrary comments by Rush Limbaugh and George Will.

I was impressed that Brokaw asked two questions that I would not have expected from him:

  1. Will Democrats accept this endorsement from the man who “closed the deal” in getting us into Iraq?
  2. Should Bill Ayers have repudiated the Weather Underground and his actions in that organization?

Debate Reax: Closing the Sale… Or Not.

This article is cross-posted from BitsBlog.

Here’s a transcript of last night’s debate.

If I get time, there’s a number of points I’d like to break out of it.  But for now, a quick overview of who won and who lost.

If there’s one thing that the blogging Democrats and their pre-written declarations of an Obama victory in the debate last night proves, it is that BS is a renewable resource. Last night, the left side of the spin floor similarly had nothing but the same tired nonsense we’ve seen this entire cycle.

In their overblown (and largely pre-written) declarations of victory, intended to change voter perceptions of what they saw and heard, they ignore the entire “Joe the Plumber” meme, which I consider …

The Final 2008 Presidential Debate: Open Thread

As mentioned earlier, this will be an open thread for any comments you have during and after tonight’s Presidential debate. Please keep it clean and kind. We always reserve the right to delete anything we find offensive.

I so wish I could be here tonight, but events are preventing me from being online during this big showdown (although I’m not expecting much excitement tonight). 

Enjoy the debate!!!…

2008 Presidential Debate Number 3 Preview

I apologize that I will not be available to provide live comments during the debate tonight.  I will be on the road and unable to blog during the debate, but I will be listening.

There will be an open thread entry that will appear at 8:30 PM Eastern time for those of you that wish to offer comments during the debate.  Please come join us, and perhaps some of the other TCR writers will be here to comment.

I expect that after 2 other rather lack-luster events, we can probably expect this one to be not much different, which is a shame.  After McCain started soft-pedaling how people should percieve Obama, I find it hard to believe that we should expect any fireworks tonight.  I …

The Pinhead Factor

An anonymous writer at The Real Sporer Tuesday night made an interesting observation that I think we should not only understand but build an action plan upon.

At the end of the second Presidential Debate there were a few trailing comments at Ted’s site (including one from yours truly), and the final one at about 12:20 AM stated:

I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Instead of repeating “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”
I find myself repeating “Maybe democrats aren’t so bad, maybe democrats aren’t so bad”. I know it’s just a psychological coping mechanism. BHO is a damn good debater. He doesn’t have much substance but unfortunately we live with at least 50.1% pinheads. I am concerned.

Obama vs McCain

These are interesting times.  I can’t believe America is considering the following resume to be leader of the free world.

National experience:  143 days

Executive experience:  none

Administrative experience:  none

Foreign Policy experience:  none

Economic experience:  none

Our country is so adrift, so desperate for ideas that we will actually consider a neophyte for President!  He prances around on stage, derides big business, politics as usual, soak the rich, and people love him.

Here’s the problem:  McCain is running like a man who wanted the nomination more than he wanted the Presidency.  He should be absolutely drilling Obama on his lack of experience and economic “Robin Hood” plan.  He should be painting Obama into a corner that even the sly and witty Obama cannot escape.…

Debate #2, The Morning After

Question of the Night:  Why should we trust either one of you?

Good question.  In typical politico style, I heard both candidates answer in this manner:  “Blah, blah, blah, yak, yak, yak”.

I don’t know how I would have answered the question if I were either McCain or Obama.  There’s nothing in either of their past to suggest they can be trusted, although if I had to choose one as more trustworthy than the other it would be McCain.  Certainly, out of 600+ members of Congress, the events of the past month would suggest there isn’t a trustworthy candidate in the lot.  How sad and cynical is that?

Here’s a thought:  Ben Bernanke for President!…

Presidential Debate 2: The Video

Here’s the video from C-SPAN of tonight’s Presidential Town Hall Debate.

Thanks to Sister Toldjah.…

Presidential Debate 2: The Town Hall

We’ll be live blogging here tonight beginning at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. If we have difficulties with the tool again, we will revert to using comments instead. We look forward to your input!

Update: Once again, CoverItLive has failed us. Please click to the comments page for this post to follow the live blogging, and feel free to participate!

The debate is complete, we’re done blogging for the evening!  Read the comments if you’re interested in our thoughts!…

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