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Second Presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee

The major candidates for President are considerably closer in their policies and philosophy than the overwhelming rhetoric may lead you to believe. For some, this really is a hard choice.

It took a while for the conservative base of the Republican Party to get through the grieving process when it became apparent that John McCain was the nominee.  The result of that process is a candidate who has managed to reconcile with the base by both making statements that fit the conservative agenda more adroitly (some would say McCain is not exactly honest in this regard), and the addition of a stronger conservative on the ticket in the person of Sarah Palin.  McCain professes and hopefully holds to a more conservative leaning on some key social issues, but still tends toward a more liberal approach to fiscal policy.  It is probably fair to say he is a moderate Republican, but I don’t see him pressing for moderate to leftist policies as long as public sentiment is adequately contrary to such actions.  He is well versed and experienced in matters of foreign policy.  His position on the role of the judiciary to judge cases and not to make law or worse to declare implied constitutional imperatives.  Both he and Palin provide a strong front for cleaning up the dirt in Washington, but will clearly need help from Congress to make real progress.

Barack Obama appears to be on the left end of the Democratic party.  There is certainly some appearance of moderate sentiment, although he seems to move more moderately in direct reaction to public pressure.  He is not a Bill Clinton moderate.  He holds to very liberal social policies and fiscal policies, most importantly being an advocate of economic egalitarianism, which we oppose.  Although his background is tied closely to public aid for the less fortunate, his actions as a state legislator and a US Senator seem to lack substance.  It is difficult to see any real leadership ability in his resume, and his lack of foreign policy experience and apparent lack of diplomatic tact are disconcerting.  Joe Biden as his running mate does help alleviate concerns about foreign policy (similar to Dick Cheney’s shoring up of Bush 43’s experience issues).

Both candidates appear to care deeply about people, and for the success of the United States.  Neither is the perfect candidate.  That said, McCain being the closest to our sense of the ideal for President causes us here at The Conservative Reader to decide to vote for John McCain for President.

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