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Going To See McCain and Palin

Art SmithI’ve got a car load of people, four tickets, and tank full of gas.  We’re heading up to Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thursday morning.  They will be appearing at the airport there with the event starting at 8:00 AM (so we’re leaving town around 5:15 AM, with my eyes half open). 

You may wonder why on earth I would spend four hours on the road just to see John McCain? 

It’s all about Sarah.  Seriously, if it were just John, I’d pass since I saw him in August at the Iowa State Fair.  But this will be my first chance to see Sarah in person.  Maybe I can get her to autograph her biography (my copy showed up from yesterday).

My hope is that we …

What A Week: Ideas

I had a couple of interesting ideas from people I met this week while working at the Republican Party of Iowa booth at the Iowa State Fair.  I think it’s great that people are willing to step out and share ideas like this, and even act on them if possible.


The first was an idea for a political ad to leverage the current situation in Washington… you know, the one where the Democrats shut down Congress without any action on Energy… without so much as a vote.

The basic idea here is to show the lights being shut off (I’d use a huge switching sound “ssshhhunk!”), microphones being turned off (silence).  And then either spoken or written: “Brought to you by the Democratic …

The Iowa State Fair: Day 2

Just so you don’t either get too enthused or too fearful, I don’t plan to attend any more days at the fair this year… two days are enough for me right now!

But today was a pleasant day!  My wife and I left late (oh well!) with hopes essentially dashed that we would get to see John McCain.  After all, we were parking at the State Capital, taking the DART (Des Moines Area Regional Transit) shuttle, and there would be thousands there to see the Senator, right?  Well, we got on the shuttle at around 10:25, and arrived at the fair at about 10:40.  We got into the fairgrounds at 10:45 and were walking up the Grand Concourse, knowing we had missed the speech but …

What A Week: Energy

The Republican Protest of the No-Vote Vacation continues today, with no end in sight.  CSPAN showed the following press conference (video courtesy John Boehner’s office) featuring House Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), Mike Pence (Indiana), and Jon Porter (Nevada).  Excellent, concise, brought a solid message back from their constituents, and continuing the push forward.  Worth the 13 minutes to watch:

The best part of the message was the encouragement to all of us to call our congressmen.  Call (202)224-2121 and ask to be connected to your congressman/woman. Call and speak to Pelosi as well.  Let your them all know you want them back to work in Washington right now to get this energy legislation voted on.  And let them know that if they don’t vote

Iowa State Fair – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Iowa State Fair.  I had intended to participate in the early morning event (but slept in instead) to break the record for the most corn-dogs eaten by the most people at the same time in the same place.  Sounds like it was a rip-roaring success, with over 15,000 people showing up, only 10,000 of which were able to enter the Grand Stand, and I’m not sure, but I think only about 8,400 corn-dogs were available.  We listened to the actual “Chomp!” on the radio, and it sounded like a lot of fun!

All 15,000 or so were admiteed to the fair for free.  By late this afternoon, I was still meeting people who had been there since the …

Obama To Miss Iowa State Fair?

I just reviewed the scheduled speakers at the Des Moines Register Soap Box at the Iowa State Fair.  John McCain will be there at 10:30 Friday.  Barack Obama will be there… NOT!

Instead, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska will be speaking on Obama’s behalf on Thursday, August 14 at 3:30.

Iowans have long memories.

I now predict a McCain landslide in Iowa.…

If You Are At The Iowa State Fair Thursday…

Among other things, I will be working at the Republican Party of Iowa booth at the Fair from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Thursday August 7.  I believe the booth is in the Varied Industries Building.  I look like the photo on the right.  Most of the time.

I hope to see you there!…

… It Keeps Going, And Going, And Going …

The downward pressure on the price of oil continues, although not as strong as the past few trading days.  At the end of the day, it was $117 (down $.22 from yesterday).  Oh, and the Dow was up 40 points.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich showed up today at the Capital to show support for the GOP Protest.  During his time in front of the cameras, he said that Republicans may consider shutting down the government by not allowing action on government spending bills required to replace the ones expireing on September 30.  This was done during his tenure as Speaker in 1995 and 1996… and blew up in Newt’s face.  I don’t think this is a particularly healthy maneuver for Republicans to make if they want …

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