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Art SmithI’ve got a car load of people, four tickets, and tank full of gas.  We’re heading up to Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thursday morning.  They will be appearing at the airport there with the event starting at 8:00 AM (so we’re leaving town around 5:15 AM, with my eyes half open). 

You may wonder why on earth I would spend four hours on the road just to see John McCain? 

It’s all about Sarah.  Seriously, if it were just John, I’d pass since I saw him in August at the Iowa State Fair.  But this will be my first chance to see Sarah in person.  Maybe I can get her to autograph her biography (my copy showed up from yesterday).

My hope is that we can start to really energize Republicans in Iowa.  Not just for the sake of the Presidential election, but for the Congressional seats and the Iowa Statehouse seats as well.

If you see me there, stop me and say “hi”!

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