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I had a couple of interesting ideas from people I met this week while working at the Republican Party of Iowa booth at the Iowa State Fair.  I think it’s great that people are willing to step out and share ideas like this, and even act on them if possible.


The first was an idea for a political ad to leverage the current situation in Washington… you know, the one where the Democrats shut down Congress without any action on Energy… without so much as a vote.

The basic idea here is to show the lights being shut off (I’d use a huge switching sound “ssshhhunk!”), microphones being turned off (silence).  And then either spoken or written: “Brought to you by the Democratic Congress”.  I think this is a terrific idea… so, this is good for PACs, 527s, RNC, McCain’s campaign, other Republican Congressional campaigns… here’s a golden opportunity for you!

Bumper Sticker

The second was a bumper sticker.  I think this is good.  Clayton Coder came up with this, and made the bumper sticker for his own verhicle… and has been asked numerous times where someone can get this.  Let me know what you all think of this:

No Bamma 08

Update: Buy the bumper sticker (in Yellow) at the TCROnlineStore!


And of course, you all probably remember my idea earlier this week, related to the situation in Congress with the lack of voting: “If you won’t vote for me, I won’t vote for you!”.   I should have the t-shirts ready for ordering in a day or so.  Stop back and see if you like it!

Update: Clarification.

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