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Which Way Should Conservatism Go? Well, How About We Try ‘toward Conservatism’?

You’re going to hear quite a bit from the left over ‘the death of conservatism’ over the next few weeks. But they’ve got it wrong. I say, what we’ve got is the death of compromised conservatism as espoused by George W Bush, his father, GHW Bush, and by more recently, John McCain.

This morning, we see a post from Helen Valois at Renew America, who calls this ‘conservative conservatism’. I can quibble with the name she chooses, but not her meaning…

What is conservative conservatism? It is a commitment to playing a good defense (or rather — except for the one, brief, shining moment of Governor Palin’s acceptance speech — a pretty flawed defense) when your opponents have gone decisively

It Doesn’t Take Much to Fool People

President Bush and Senator John McCain are both now promoting off-shore domestic drilling.  Hallelujah.  It took them long enough.

But it is, amazingly, going to yet be an uphill battle.  As long as Democrats continue to stand on weak, worthless principles, like “anywhere buy my backyard”, we’re going to have to fight for the things that make sense.

I’m not advocating we put ourselves into a position to cause the kinds of oil disasters that drove us away from drilling off the coasts of California and Florida… but we should have the technology now to provide the safeguards needed to prevent that.

However, in an area that has no people, no tourists, and no real value to people, Bush and McCain continue to oppose …

Power-hungry Babies

No, I’m not talking about a television series, nor an idea for a Super-bowl commercial. I’m talking about Democrats.

Part of me is happy to see that party tearing itself apart, and not for idealogical reasons, but just your basic greedy, power-starved selfish evilness.

On the other hand, it’s painful to watch.

Still unhappy with the current state of affairs, an activist in Florida tried to take the problem back into the courts again, and was quickly (and surprisingly) swatted away. Evidently their anxious to pull an Al Gore and take it to the Supreme Court. I’ve got to say, I don’t see how the courts have ANY jurisdiction on Party politics, and worse yet, how people think they can stage an 11th hour …

This Week’s Surprise(s)

  • Obama is still close to Clinton in the polls in Pennsylvania.
  • Hillary steps up and admits she “said some things that weren’t in keeping with what I knew to be the case” about her trip to Bosnia in 1996.
  • Hillary also says “I may be a lot of things but I am not dumb” instantly losing the dumb vote. Or maybe acquiring it. Hard to tell.
  • Pope Benedict acknowledges sex abuse scandal “badly handled”.
  • Sharpe James, former mayor of Newark, NJ, is convicted by a Federal Jury of fraud and conspiracy. Reuters waited until the 7th paragraph to mention James was a Democrat.
  • Obama is wearing a flag pin again.  I’d feel better if he got a flag tattoo. ————— No I wouldn’t.
  • Florida wants

Hillary Takes The Cake (and Florida, and Michigan)

I suspected that if the Democrats’ nomination process got dicey, like it is now, that Hillary would continue to press for the free votes she got out of Florida and Michigan. Remarkably, it seems that though the DNC is willing to consider some manner to allow Florida and Michigan to seat delegates, they’re may not be so stupid as to think the results of the primaries that were held against party rules should stand, especially when there was no campaigning in either state. But it is just like the Democrats to so easily jump to “let’s change the rules” when the rules don’t fit their needs. This particular situation should have been accounted for when judgment was passed on Florida and Michigan, so it seems …

McCain Takes Florida – Barely

John McCain appears to have won the Florida Primary. The good news is that Ron Paul only got 3 percent of the vote… still too high, but an improvement on prior states.

What’s funny is that Giuliani (15 percent) did considerably better than Paul, and yet Rudy will likely step aside tomorrow, while who knows hold long Paul will clutch his millions of campaign money to carry on with his ridiculous positions (on most things) and the continued weight of his past making him look like a messed-up Monroe/Hitler wanna-be.

McCain takes a lead in the delegate count, but there’s still a long way to go. I’m still not ready to express support post-Fred, but I won’t wait until it’s inevitable (or, as at least …

Hillary’s Gonna Get Away With It

I’m just a bit annoyed and disappointed this morning.  I’ve been plugging around the blog-s-phere hoping to see some good solid belly-aching about what Clinton is trying to get away with, and all I’m finding (probably 95% — of the comments, not the blog articles) is discussion about how maybe we should take a look at this, maybe Hillary’s right, maybe the DNC made a mistake and we need to correct it by going along with Hillary.  Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t we all incensed by this?   At the PoliGazette, Dan Pawson hit it out of the park in his article titled Cheater, which he closes with:

Anyone really up for four years of this deceit?

So, I read through the comments, …

Hillary Clinton Presents: Ultimate Cheating

Here’s what you do. Have a contest where everyone buys a lottery ticket and then you have one chosen from all the tickets, and the ticket purchaser gets a big prize! That’s great right? Now here’s a cool idea, tell everyone that the contest is canceled, but you go ahead and buy a ticket “just to be nice”. Then, you say “Um, since a ticket was bought, we should have the drawing!” Then, you get the prize! Great plan, right?

No? What’s wrong with that?

Oh yeah, it’s stupid. No, not stupid, it’s cheating. No, worse than that, it’s pandemoronapathetic! (It’s a new word that means “a lot of people were incredibly stupid, knew it, and didn’t care”). And it’s exactly what Hillary Clinton is …

Where in the World is Fred Thompson?

We’ve had a number of hits on this site today that appear to be attempts by our fellow Fred-heads to find out what’s going on with Fred.  Does anyone know for sure?  I’m still hoping he stays in… Florida’s just around the corner!

Fred, please give us a sign!…

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