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  • Obama is still close to Clinton in the polls in Pennsylvania.
  • Hillary steps up and admits she “said some things that weren’t in keeping with what I knew to be the case” about her trip to Bosnia in 1996.
  • Hillary also says “I may be a lot of things but I am not dumb” instantly losing the dumb vote. Or maybe acquiring it. Hard to tell.
  • Pope Benedict acknowledges sex abuse scandal “badly handled”.
  • Sharpe James, former mayor of Newark, NJ, is convicted by a Federal Jury of fraud and conspiracy. Reuters waited until the 7th paragraph to mention James was a Democrat.
  • Obama is wearing a flag pin again.¬† I’d feel better if he got a flag tattoo. ————— No I wouldn’t.
  • Florida wants you to bring your guns to work now. Okay, now read it and find out that it’s just okay to lock it up in the trunk of your car, like people are searching them for contraband at the office.
  • Alan Keyes has decided the Republican Party is not for him. That’s too bad, as I think Alan is a great thinker… but not good Presidential material. I suspect the possible move to the Constitution Party gives him a smaller pond, but not any more standing nationally.
  • The Pickering Institute is trying to exploit it’s .edu domain ( by selling subdomains to commercial interests. Ziff Davis is convinced this will degrade the credibility of the .edu name, as if the current academic system hasn’t already done the job.
  • The Supreme Court was asked to decide if “lethal injections” were okay (humane) in Kentucky. They were, and they said it was okay.

Well, the real surprise for me is not in this list (okay, some of these were surprises, but not all). The big one for me is finding out that despite thinking I was only signing up to attend the Iowa State Republican Convention, I evidently got elected to the Iowa District 3 Republican Convention as well.

Good thing my calendar was clear.

I’ll be heading to Grinnell Iowa Saturday with hopes for a shorter session than the Polk County Republican Convention (that ran about 9 hours and a lot longer for the volunteers). I have not finished reviewing the platform, but what I’ve spot checked looks very consistent with what we put together at the County level.

And yes, I’ll still be attending the State Convention as well.

I plan to have some highlights for you on Sunday. Saturday, Bithead from BitsBlog will be guest blogging for us, so welcome him with open arms and enjoy his comments.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Part 3 of the series on Clinton’s plans for the Middle Class will be here yet this week… sorry about the delay, just crazy at work. And more in the overall analysis of the candidate’s positions to come… the team is hard at work!

Hat tip to Bithead times two, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Ziff Davis, and The New York Times, SCOTUSblog, and Memeorandum.

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