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No, I’m not talking about a television series, nor an idea for a Super-bowl commercial. I’m talking about Democrats.

Part of me is happy to see that party tearing itself apart, and not for idealogical reasons, but just your basic greedy, power-starved selfish evilness.

On the other hand, it’s painful to watch.

Still unhappy with the current state of affairs, an activist in Florida tried to take the problem back into the courts again, and was quickly (and surprisingly) swatted away. Evidently their anxious to pull an Al Gore and take it to the Supreme Court. I’ve got to say, I don’t see how the courts have ANY jurisdiction on Party politics, and worse yet, how people think they can stage an 11th hour coup to so dramatically manipulate the events that are framing up into the biggest Democratic debacle ever.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party officials are gathering Saturday to try to resolve their crazy situation and hammer out some kind of rules changes that can make everyone happy.  They have to contend with this, however:

Clinton supporters have promised demonstrations outside the gathering, which could be her last chance to halt Obama’s march to the Democratic nomination. Hundreds of public tickets to the meeting were snapped up online in minutes.  (From Reuters article).

Nice to see how well everyone likes to play nice together.  If this were going on with the Republicans, we’d probably be beaten mercilessly by the MSM.

And here’s what Clinton wants:

Clinton has demanded all the delegates be seated and apportioned based on the results — even though there was no campaigning in either state and Obama was not on the Michigan ballot.

As of when?  How much might the sentiment of the states have deviated between then and now?  Or if there had been actual campaigning?

Honestly, most of my own crowing in the past about Clinton pushing this too far was less than convincing to me.  I never really thought until this past week that she had the gall to tear the party down so deeply out of her own personal desperation.   I would be embarrassed to be a Democrat and a Clinton supporter today.

I do wish the Democratic leadership well.  As much as I disagree with where that party seems to be these days, I think it’s important that they have an opportunity to have a voice and adequately represent the people who align themselves with the party.

I don’t know if this is feasible, but I’d suggest one of two options:

  1. Seat delegates from the two states, who have been selected by the state parties without any obligation to vote for either candidate (it’s unlikely, however that you would have an unbiased group).
  2. Don’t seat them.

But, they’ll likely do something else – some kind of complicated compromise.  And no one will be happy with it.  And the convention will be a circus.  It’s just too bad we won’t have Dan Rather to beat up in the crowd this time.

Hat tip to Memeorandum.

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