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TCR Endorsements: US Senator From Iowa

This year, the US Senate seat currently held by Tom Harkin is up for grabs. I say “up for grabs” in an attempt to relieve us of the idea that the incumbent has no chance to be unseated.

Harkin has been in the US Senate now for 6 terms (24 years).  Without a doubt, he has done some good things while in Congress.  Probably the most positive, and the one he speaks of the most, is his authoring of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  He has also been a big supporter of farmers and Iowa’s universities.

Harkin is also known in the state, like Neil Smith (former Congressman from Iowa) was, for bringing a large amount of money back into the state, to the …

The View From Here Is Dreadful

I watched Friday’s John and Cindy McCain interview on The View.  Below is part 1; parts 2 and 3 should be accessible from the video.


I see several posts refering to this interview as “McCain Grilled On The View”, for instance this story at Huffpo, and this one at Century Of The Common Iowan.

A stretch to say the least.

First of all, the ladies of The View basically threw the same lame questions at McCain that have been circulating the Liberal Media and Blog Sites for the past few weeks. It was clear that they did little in the way of real research, and set themselves up to look foolish.  Later in the show, Cindy was brought out, and from there …

Pork Invaders

I thought you might enjoy playing a little fun… click here or scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you’ll find a video game called “Pork Invaders”… fashioned after the old “Space Invaders”.  It’s provided by the McCain campaign as a way to point out the differences between Obama and McCain on the subject of earmarks.


Hat Tip to Krusty Konservative.…

McCain’s Acceptance Speech

A lot of you have seen the speech, some have not.  Overall, high marks for contents.  Very high.  I think he brought out the right issues, positions, and comparisons with Obama.  He’s working out the differences, which he needs to continue to do.  Probably the three key areas that he addressed and should continue to address:

  1. Key distinctions between Democrats and Republicans on social and economic issues.
  2. Demonstrable track record in leading and doing the right thing both in policy and ethical behavior.
  3. Bipartisan attitude and effort in pooling ideas and working with all sides to find the best solutions.

Clearly, the convention floor was energized.  I would say (as others have also said) that the presentation was not as strong as the content.  I’d …

More Thoughts On Palin

The Left is going absolutely bonkers over the selection of Sarah Palin to run for Vice-President on the GOP ticket.

There’s also a lot of negative comments coming from the Right, although not quite as emotionally charged as those from the Left.

Christopher Patton of The Podium, aka DI Blog (that is, Daily Iowan, I believe) had a great sample headline which read “Sarah Palin is a Far-Right Ideologue“.   Right off I love the headline because it tells me we’ve got the right message coming out.   Patton is great reading if you’re looking for some reasoned content from the Left.  He manages to hit great points, which to someone from the Left sounds like heresy, and to someone on the Right sounds …

Earmarks: The Public Cares

Encouraging news in an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal by Pat Toomey(former member of the US House and President of the Club for Growth) today.  A recent survey concludes that most voters would favor a congressional candidate that cuts spending over one that increases spending, even if it means no pork for their district. 

Some of Pat Toomey’s comments:

Unfortunately, too many politicians are refusing to listen. The vast majority of congressmen are just as wedded to bloated budgets as ever. Part of the problem is that wasteful spending is embedded in the congressional culture. Congressional freshmen are instructed by leadership to seek out earmarks and flaunt their success back home. They are indoctrinated to believe that seeking and securing earmarks —

Time to Clean Up the Senate

I’ve said it a number of times here in the past: the real power is in the US Congress.  Presidents can negotiate with foreign leaders, take military action (to an extent), and manage the administration as approved (more or less) by Congress.  And then a little here and there with Presidential Executive Orders.  And of course, the President can submit legislation and veto bills (it’s rather insignificant to mention the power to sign bills into law, but it is there).  But the President cannot get the legislation to his/her desk without Congress passing the bills.

And the President cannot stop Congress from creating earmarks.  I take a story from BitsBlog in toto:

WASHINGTON – FOX- The Senate rejected calls from both parties’ presidential candidates

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