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This year, the US Senate seat currently held by Tom Harkin is up for grabs. I say “up for grabs” in an attempt to relieve us of the idea that the incumbent has no chance to be unseated.

Harkin has been in the US Senate now for 6 terms (24 years).  Without a doubt, he has done some good things while in Congress.  Probably the most positive, and the one he speaks of the most, is his authoring of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  He has also been a big supporter of farmers and Iowa’s universities.

Harkin is also known in the state, like Neil Smith (former Congressman from Iowa) was, for bringing a large amount of money back into the state, to the universities and other interests around Iowa. They’re called “earmarks”, and Iowans should not be proud of them.

Christopher Reed is a new face for many.  He is a navy veteran and small business owner.  His positions are largely aligned with conservative fiscal and social policy.  He is pro-life, pro-drilling, and wants to see America succeed.

It’s hard to say if Reed will commit to the level of intrigty that we need in Washington.  Once elected, time will tell, and as always we should be watchful of our representatives in Congress.  We will definitely provide him encouragement to decry earmarks.

Despite some of his positive achievements, Harkin has proved himself to be dishonorable in his campaign practices, selfish in his dealings in Congress, and willing to say anything to get elected.

We strongly urge you to watch the debate between Harkin and Reed.  After viewing the video, we are sure your decision will be easy.

We will be voting for Christopher Reed on November 4, and we encourage you to do the same.

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