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The Left is going absolutely bonkers over the selection of Sarah Palin to run for Vice-President on the GOP ticket.

There’s also a lot of negative comments coming from the Right, although not quite as emotionally charged as those from the Left.

Christopher Patton of The Podium, aka DI Blog (that is, Daily Iowan, I believe) had a great sample headline which read “Sarah Palin is a Far-Right Ideologue“.   Right off I love the headline because it tells me we’ve got the right message coming out.   Patton is great reading if you’re looking for some reasoned content from the Left.  He manages to hit great points, which to someone from the Left sounds like heresy, and to someone on the Right sounds like Heaven.  Example:

Rather than yammering on about whether Sarah Palin was a “smart choice” for John McCain’s running mate, the media should be focusing on whether she has a history of making smart choices. She doesn’t.

For one thing, Palin denies that greenhouse gas emissions from human industrial activity are causing climate change.

Go Sarah!!! We are definitely on the right track!!!

Patton goes on to complain about her support of teaching Creationism in public schools along side of Evolution.  I still remember (back in the early 70’s) when the fight was to allow Evolution to be taught along side Creationism.

Patton doesn’t bother with hitting her Pro-life position, which is probably tearing up many moderates who were hoping for a Pro-choice pick by McCain.

Don’t forget, Sarah wants to drill in ANWR. Bad for the Left, good for the Right.

And he also mentions that she has no foreign policy positions.  I doubt that’s actually true, although she may lack foreign policy experience, but I’m sure we’ll see more of her positions on everything over the next few months.

But I must take the time to contradict the initial point made by Christopher: he says she doesn’t have a history of making smart choices.  I would say she’s made a number of great choices, but significant is this one: confronting the scourge of corruption in her own party.  That is gutsy and will sell well with Americans.  Perhaps not so much with the GOP leadership, which suffers with the same integrity issues at all levels of the party and elected officials as does the Democratic Party.

McCain has always been known as a man of integrity.  He has never taken an earmark while in Congress.  He has fought for stronger rules to protect Congressmen/women from undue influence, and he was one of the minority (which included Clinton and Obama) in the Senate that voted in favor of suspending earmarks earlier this year.

Palin supplements this core value system of staying away from corruption and has succeeded in thwarting part of this offense from Alaska politics.  Cleaning up our Government can become a core mission of this campaign.  My wife said today that Obama wants an undefined change that no one can grasp.  McCain/Palin want change that dramatically improves our confidence in the government, perhaps allowing us to see a day where might be able to trust our politicians more.  Change that drives Congress to make choices that really solve the problems that Americans face.  Change that motivates departments throughout government to cut graft, wasted expense, and focus on meeting their own missions as efficiently as possible. Change that brings us smaller government.

Change that allows us to work and thrive without having to depend on the Government for handouts and tax breaks.

That’s the kind of change America needs.  That’s the kind of change that I know John and Sarah are going to work to provide us.

And that’s looks smart to me.

More info about Sarah Palin in the MSNBC video below.

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