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Lieberman Explains Support for McCain

Joe Lieberman, Independent Senator from Connecticut (although, oh, he does still caucus with the Democrats in the Senate) explains his position supporting John McCain today in the Stamford Advocate. Lieberman says McCain is “really a reformer” who is not bogged down by partisan politics.

You’ll recall that in January Lieberman and McCain co-authored a well-written piece that was published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the success of the troop surge in Iraq. Lieberman is co-chair of McCain’s Connecticut campaign along with US Representative Christopher Shays (R-Connecticut).

At this point in the election process, it is important, in my opinion, for conservatives to support the Republican Party, including the candidate for President. I support McCain in this election, while I will still continue to …

Resign Yourself to This #2

Geraldine Ferraro is the next contestant on “Who Wants The Most Media Attention?”. Today she resigned from Hillary’s Finance Committee because of remarks considered racist regarding Obama. She had essentially said that Obama’s campaign was having such huge success because he was black (Hillary’s gender has nothing to do with her success). Of course, Ferraro probably thinks Hillary is just like any other candidate because Geraldine set the pace for women when she ran as the Vice-Presidential candidate with Walter Mondale in 1984.


I agree with Sister Toldjah that all of the resigning and apologizing is getting old really fast. Ferraro is a little different in that she doesn’t seem to think she’s said anything wrong, so hasn’t apologized. In her letter to Clinton …

Swamp Stomper Alert: Democrats and fuel prices

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Let’s take a moment to look at the Democrat response to the President’s weekly radio address… where Energy is the issue.

Joe Donnely, Congressional Democrat is part of our energy problem, not the solution.

Good morning. This is Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana’s Second Congressional District. Today it is my pleasure to talk to you about a few of Congress’ recent accomplishments on an issue that I believe will help define the future of our nation: energy independence and energy security. Like many Americans across the nation, the people of northern Indiana have felt the negative effects of an energy policy that favored big oil companies

Has Harry Had It?

Straight from Swamp Stomper Headquarters…

Swamp Stomper ALERT20070614incompetence_3.jpg

Chris Bowers, all around Knuckle-Dragger, is busy spreading rumors that Harry Reid is to resign as Majority leader.

OK, in reality, I don’t trust this at all… given his inability to admit failure, I see no reason for him to give up his position, just now. And Bowers, for all his bluster is not exactly the most reliable source. So the question becomes why would the rumor be coming from the left, just now? My take is that we’re dealing with wishful thinking on the part of leftists who see the long string of what the Democrats would regard as failures behind the man, and who are lothe to identify them as such.

Of course, the

Super Tuesday

Not surprisingly, Obama and Clinton are now neck-and-neck, with Obama slightly ahead.

McCain definitely has a commanding lead now, and Huckabee would be doing everyone a favor by dropping out now and bequeathing his delegates to Romney.  There’s still a chance for Romney, but Huckabee would have to do the almost impossible… once Romney and McCain pick up another 215 delegates between them, Huckabee is out for good.  In this case, it should be downright embarrassing to stay in that long.

See the MSNBC leader board in the side-bar for more details… you can roll-over the bars for state-by-state delegate totals for each candidate.…

Democrats Gather Tough-guy Hollywood Support

I see where Hillary has picked up an endorsement from Jack Nicholson.  Obama, for his part, has picked up Robert De Niro’s support.

“Mrs. Clinton has been involved in issues, everything from health care, which we know and prison reform and helping the military, speaking for women and speaking for Americans,” Nicholson said.

Well, Jack doesn’t have to handle the truth when there’s not substance to argue over.  Strangely, a similar story with De Niro:

De Niro began his remarks with a backhanded compliment: “Barack Obama does not have the experience to be president of the United States.” The crowd booed, but De Niro continued, and his intent was clear: Obama didn’t have the experience to get the country into a misguided war, or

The Captain tosses Coulter Overboard

Ann Coulter wants to campaign for Hillary if McCain is nominated… geez.  She’s out of line, but that’s like saying Michael Savage is a little extreme.  Really, this is nothing more than a lot of self-aggrandizing noise. 

What’s really painful is how the MSM sees people like Coulter and Savage as reps for the conservative movement… that too is off the mark and we need to find appropriate ways to show what conservatism really means.

Ed Morrissey nails this one, and credit to Sister Toldjah for pointing me there early today.  Blue Crab Boulevard is ont it as well.…

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