Gasoline idiocy from the left

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John Cole is miffed at Obama for suggesting that the solution for oil supply problems is to find more. Apparently to Cole, that’s not painful enough for us.

Look, I know that there are people who are suffering because of high gas prices. I’m one of them, although I know that, like many of you, I can probably afford the prices more than a lot of people. My problem with this is that I think democrats should be solidly be on the side of finding alternative energy. Rising gas prices have made a difference. I’ve noticed a lot more people riding MARTA in Atlanta – a LOT more. I’d be willing to bet many of these people were like me, before I made a commitment to figuring out the system and how to make it work. Pain works.

But toward what, I wonder?

Personally, I don’t want to see gas prices come down because we’re drilling and finding more. The United States is finally getting a taste of what it’s been like in Europe and the rest of the world forever. When I first moved to Atlanta from Canada, I remember gas was 89¢ a gallon. There will never be improvements made in mass transit, no one will ever complain that we’re not investing in wind energy, and no one will ever be pushing for plug-in hybrids or electric cars is gas is cheap as dirt.

Do you see what we’re up against, here, people? First of all, Europe and the rest of the world have been dealing with high gas prices forever because they’re taxing the hell out of their people, not because there was a shortage of supply. I fail to see any advantage whatever in causing people pain, causing them to pay higher prices for anything and I also see no benefit whatever in chasing ‘alternative energy’ pipe dreams.   We most certainly can… and must… drill our way out of this nonsense…. always assuming we can get the left from between us and our energy supply… we do have around 200 years worth of known reserves… and we are finding more all the time. Meanwhile, what we  certainly cannot do, is mass-transit, wind farm and solar our way out of our issues.  Oil, and individual transportation works, and this other stuff the left… Cole included… are pushing, are simply isn’t ready for prime time yet… nor will it be for at least ten years.. if it ever well be.

Come to think on it, now, …ten years…. isn’t that the length of time we were told it would take to get ANWR’s oil fields online, and that therefore we shouldn’t even bother trying to develop those energy sources? The fallacy of that kind of non-thought is now seen by the American people and they are reacting accordingly.  Obama sees the numbers of voters, and knows what is what. He has begun to understand that with 75% of the voters wanting domestic drilling to take place, they’re on the wrong side of the biggest issue of this election.  Cole, I fear, will never understand such things.

Reality rears it’s head: No matter what happens, we’re going to need oil to fuel ourselves for a long while to come. Meanwhile the never changing left wants to see us herded like cattle into buses and non-existent trains., based on the supposed European model.

But wait; does that model really work?   A short time ago, a study was done in Europe, using cell-phones as tracking devices, to see what the travel patterns of Europeans actually are. Turns out, the reason Europe’s mass transit systems work so well is Europeans seldom go beyond 6 miles away from home, even for vacations. Thereby we learn the reason the European transit systems work so well is nobody bloody well USES them.  A real advantage, huh?

The desperation of the left is amazing and terrible to see. THey’re losing their issue, here. Cole’s reaction says some of them will never understand why.

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