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The DSM Register Independence Day Weekend “Progressive Trifecta” (2nd of 3)

The Des Moines Register’s Opinion Section on Sunday, July 3, 2011 featured a “Progressives Trifecta” of half-truths and sophistry:

Richard Doak – What if the founders were around today?

Donald Kaul – My favorite 4th of July speech

Dean Baker – Keep Social Security safe from politicians who want to save it

This week I will focus my comments on Donald Kaul’s article sub-titled “Real patriotism requires coming to terms with the grimmer side of American history”.

Donald Kaul – He shares viewpoints about the things he likes and dislikes about the 4th of July.  He likes back yard gatherings but he dislikes patriotic claptrap.  He likes patriotism, defined as acts of citizenship and service, but dislikes speechifying.  He likes the flag itself …

Swamp Stomper Alert: Pelosi’s Pickens

Nancy Pelosi Flexing Her MusclesIn this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, there is a report of an investment made by Nancy Pelosi and her husband.

They put somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 into T. Boone Picken’s company, Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

At first blush, the relatively small amount (compared to millions of dollars in assets held by the Pelosis) would make most consider this to be a non-issue.  And by House Rules this is evidently not a conflict of interest. And besides, everyone can see that Natural Gas and Wind Energy are the future of America, right?

That shows you how well our politicians police themselves.

$50,000, $100,000, these are not small sums of money.  Mrs. Pelosi may bandy about billions of our tax dollars with little thought, and …

What A Week: Party Unity

On the Republican side, the increase in McCain’s position in the polls, slow as it is in coming, is a reflection of the unity that is starting to build within the Republican Party.  I think what you’re really seeing is that as the various state conventions come to a close, and people have finished jockeying for position to attend the Republican National Convention, that the dust is settling, people are getting into position for victory and are finally realizing the inevitable: John McCain is going to be the Republican Candidate… there’s little that could change that now.  People are seeing more and more clearly the need to get past the differences and work toward victory in November, both in the Oval Office and in …

It’s Another Day Of Confusion

Of course, on the last day of Presidential Primary Season, things are so close between Obama and Clinton that different new organizations have differing opinions about whether Obama has clinched the nomination or not.  And on top of that, the AP reported this morning tha Clinton will concede tonight, and of course her campaign denies that today (they would have denied it whether true of false).

I think it’s safe to say Obama will be the nominee at this point.

Also, Hillary apparently told New York lawmakers that she would consider running as Vice-President with Obama.  That will be interesting.

Hat tip to KCCI-TV and WSJ.…

Power-hungry Babies

No, I’m not talking about a television series, nor an idea for a Super-bowl commercial. I’m talking about Democrats.

Part of me is happy to see that party tearing itself apart, and not for idealogical reasons, but just your basic greedy, power-starved selfish evilness.

On the other hand, it’s painful to watch.

Still unhappy with the current state of affairs, an activist in Florida tried to take the problem back into the courts again, and was quickly (and surprisingly) swatted away. Evidently their anxious to pull an Al Gore and take it to the Supreme Court. I’ve got to say, I don’t see how the courts have ANY jurisdiction on Party politics, and worse yet, how people think they can stage an 11th hour …

The Real Democrat party

I thought this was timely, and am sharing the complete text of what Bit posted at his site.   It amazes me how easily we forget these things.

Bit says: This was sent to me via mail this monring, and I’ve echoed out in total:

The Democrats:

  • Democrats fought to expand slavery while Republicans fought to end it.
  • Democrats passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.
  • Democrats supported and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery.
  • Democrats supported and passed the Kansas Nebraska Act to expand slavery.
  • Democrats supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision.
  • Democrats opposed educating blacks and murdered our teachers.
  • Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws.
  • Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, is well known for having been a “Kleagle”

Party Members: Work Together

We’ve kept it pretty loose here at TCR with regard to the continued havoc being wrought by Hillary Clinton against her party. Every day, the lack of her stepping down extends further and further the demise of Democrats and Obama’s chance to manipulate his way into high office.

Amazingly enough, however, the party faithful are undeterred and completely convinced that their nominee is the right person for this job. It is odd to see serious grownup people behave at a level of maturity that doesn’t seem to align with how those people deal with everything else in their lives.

I wish I were talking only about Democrats.

I would contend that Barack Obama and John McCain are not the best representatives of their parties.

Democrats …

Obama In An Alternate Universe…

The following is a work of fiction and political satire. None of this is true. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, or are a Liberal, or just don’t get most jokes you hear, Space Clusteryou may want to avoid reading this piece. But you are welcome to anyhow.

Barack Obama, in an unprecedented sweep of all Democratic Party state caucuses and primaries thus far, handily beat the undeterred Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania Tuesday. Said Clinton “Pennsylvanians are a bunch of idiots!”. Clinton’s husband was seen consoling his wife and asked if the media would kindly give Hillary some time to recover.

Obama spoke clearly and concisely this morning about his vision for tax reform and job stimulus to help ensure that all could share in

What Keeps Me Up At Night

I can name a few things:

  • Revisiting a place I lived in or visited in the past on Google Earth
  • Searching for that perfect fretless bass on eBay
  • Accidentally starting a round of Polar Pool (okay, accidentally on purpose, but I didn’t think I’d be up half the night!)
  • Reconfiguring my Fantasy Baseball Team
  • Installing the newest version of my Anti-virus software
  • Looking for the next great WordPress Theme for the blog
  • Imagining a world with either Obama or Clinton as President
  • Imagining a world where people who would actually vote for Obama or Clinton are running things

It seems like every day now I hear something new that seems to exceed my expectations when it comes to extreme positions, an uninformed position on an …

Who Got To Nancy?

Just last week, Nancy Pelosi was saying that the Super Delegates should be guided by the overall direction of the pledged delegates (a position shared by Obama, of course).  She drew criticism from Clinton supporters, but I never expected her to back-pedal as she did today on Good Morning America.

Smells like Hillary got to her… it’s amazing how much influence the Clinton’s can exert… is there anyone she cannot bend to her will?  Okay, Barack Obama.

What’s really surprising is that it had looked like the Democratic Party Leadership was working toward circling the wagons and establishing a unified front to end the contest by June to avoid a contentious convention.  Pelosi’s reversal seems to be a sign that those attempts are failing.  Good …

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