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On the Republican side, the increase in McCain’s position in the polls, slow as it is in coming, is a reflection of the unity that is starting to build within the Republican Party.  I think what you’re really seeing is that as the various state conventions come to a close, and people have finished jockeying for position to attend the Republican National Convention, that the dust is settling, people are getting into position for victory and are finally realizing the inevitable: John McCain is going to be the Republican Candidate… there’s little that could change that now.  People are seeing more and more clearly the need to get past the differences and work toward victory in November, both in the Oval Office and in Congress.  The more that people get to know Obama, the less they like him.  If they pay attention.  As we all pay more attention to facts, to action, to words, and less on form, appeal, music, timing we see more of the truth.  Feelings cloud the truth… watch out for emotional invitations with no substance.

And, the past few weeks of drama in Congress probably haven’t hurt much either.

On the Democratic side, we have a party that is apparently intent on losing in November.  And I have no problem with that.

First of all, the Democratically controlled Congress has made what will probably a massive blunder by thumbing their collective noses at the American People.  Going on vacation in August without a vote on Energy Policy is causing most of the country to retaliate with support of the Republican Protest in Washington.  Iowans in particular are unhappy because this recess occurred without satisfactory action Flood Relief.  It’s unconscionable for Pelosi and Reid to ignore the real present needs of the country, even though they got their own personal agendas adressed (the housing bill).

Then secondly the continuing saga of Hillary’s desire to be President.  This week she stated that she would still seek to have her name put in nomination at the Democratic National Convention in order to appease those who had supported her and build party unity.  I don’t know what’s wrong with Clinton.  It’s a perfect storm for the Republicans: “See how self-serving Democrats are?”, “Democrats are STILL fighting over their candidate!”.  And I can just see it now… “I had no idea I would end up as the Candidate!”

In Iowa, it was somewhat revealing that the Democratic State Convention lasted well into the early hours of the next day due to the perilous extent of differences and in-fighting, while Republicans, who had their differences on the table, completed business before the afternoon expired.

The bottom line is, Democrats do NOT have it together as a party.  Republicans are not perfect either, but evidently recognize the importance of unity in achieving success.

At least this year.

Hat Tips to: John Deeth, ABC Online, and Don Frederick at the LA Times Blog.

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