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BFS: We Made It!!!

Great news!  Books For Soldiers made their $70,000 Fund Raising goal and will NOT have to close!

BFS provides an awesome service to our deployed military members, and I hope we can continue to support this vital ministry for years to come!

Thank you to all of you that donated to and promoted this urgent need over the past few months!

2009 fundraising is now in progress… please keep Books For Soldiers in mind as you consider year-end and ongoing charitable giving.

Books For Soldiers: Almost There!

Just $2,800 left to meet the critical donation level required by the BFS Board of Directors!  What’s amazing is that the original deadline was October 31 (they plan to close the operation if the $70,000 is not reached), and you’d have never thought they could get this close by that date!

Fortunately, as we mentioned two weeks ago, the Board extended the deadline to November 30.  Can you give $50?  $100?  Okay, yeah, if you have $2,800 to spare, go for it! This is a vital service to our men and women on active duty overseas, and I know from comments I’ve received and otherwise seen that this means a great deal to them!  Go to their web site and see what they are

Book For Soldiers: Still Need Your Help, Making Progress

Great news!

Since a week ago when I last posted on this topic, Books For Soldiers has been able to raise another $4,000! Thank you for all you’ve done so far, including passing this word along to others!

They still need another $13,500.  The good news is, the organization’s directors, who had given them until October 31 to raise a total of $70,000 ($56,500 raised so far) or face closing, have extended this deadline to November 30!  That’s still only 6 weeks away.

Please consider donating $20, $50, $100 or more.  If you have family on active duty overseas like I do, you know how important the work of this organization can be for our military.  How can we not do what we …

Books For Soldiers Needs You NOW!

Just a little more than two weeks and it’s over!  Not the General Election, but the existence of Books For Soldiers.  These folks have been providing books and videos for our soldiers for several years now, and for lack of $17,500 raised by October 31, they will have to close their doors come December 31.  We talked about this back in May, and a lot of progress has been made, but the work is not done!

We cannot let this happen!  This organization has the process down cold, they have great creds and do a super job.  Thousands of soldiers have been served by BFS.

Won’t you please act now?  Go to this link and make a donation now.  If every visitor to …

A Defining Day

Seven years ago today our world changed.  Expressing how that day felt and how it has changed the way we live today I will leave to the rest of the world today.  It was a day of great heroism and pain, and I cannot forget it.  It hurts.

My concern today is how quickly we seem to have forgotten.  It is a shame that so many are anxious to forget the horror of 2001, the loss of life, the viciousness of the attack and the evil that permeates the hearts of those that wish to destroy America.

I can’t say that I understand the kind of hatred held by those who want to do us harm.  But I am confident that they will not …

Save Books For Soldiers

Books for Soldiers ( needs financial help. This is an organization that provides books and other media (donated or financed by members such as myself) to members of the US Military who are on active duty. I have personally had a positive experience with this organization. They know what they are doing when working with the troops and site members, and provide excellent controls throughout the process. They lack only sufficient funding to maintain an excellent program.

Early on in the life of this blog we began promoting two non-profit organizations: Kiva and Books For Soldiers. BFS means a lot to me, and I will be providing a financial commitment to help keep them operating. Anything you can do, I appreciate. You can …

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