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Just $2,800 left to meet the critical donation level required by the BFS Board of Directors!  What’s amazing is that the original deadline was October 31 (they plan to close the operation if the $70,000 is not reached), and you’d have never thought they could get this close by that date!

Fortunately, as we mentioned two weeks ago, the Board extended the deadline to November 30.  Can you give $50?  $100?  Okay, yeah, if you have $2,800 to spare, go for it! This is a vital service to our men and women on active duty overseas, and I know from comments I’ve received and otherwise seen that this means a great deal to them!  Go to their web site and see what they are doing, become a member, but most importantly, make a donation!

I know many of you have already given, but let’s give it one final boost and push them over now!

Keep an eye on the BFS 2008 Fund Drive thermometer in the sidebar… it’s tracking the level of donations!

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