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Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

Finally! Osama bin Laden Dead!

On national television this evening, President Obama informed the public that bin Laden had been killed in a firefight with a small team of America forces who had attacked a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan in an effort to capture the Al Queda leader. There were no American casualties.

The President's speech covered just about every aspect of the situation, and reflected on the history of bin Laden and his murderous mayhem on the world. He also keyed in on an important fact: Al Queda has not been shut down. There will likely be continued attacks along with targeted reprisals for today's successful operation.

Although the details are still sketchy, it appears that the terror leader was killed earlier in the day, and presumably verification and notification of certain world leaders was necessary before notifying the public at large.

Although there will doubtless be days and weeks of analysis of bin Laden's killing, the events leading up to it, the aftermath, the statement it makes to terrorists, the statement it makes to leaders like Gaddafi (who just lost his own son in a NATO attack that appears to have targeted him). As the President said, it is important to remember that a large number of people in the military, intelligence, domestic security, foreign partners and our elected leaders have worked hard for the last 10 years to search out those responsible for 9/11 and to protect our interests, and they have done a magnificent job despite occasional problems.

The President deserves congratulations and [...]

Dems uncomfortable when their own tactics used against them

So, this morning comes a note from "Think Progress".... a website which contributes to neither thought, nor progress... The article whines about a report from The Politico. Says the amazingly accurately initialed TP:
This morning, Politico reported that Democratic members of Congress are increasingly being harassed by “angry, sign-carrying mobs and disruptive behavior” at local town halls. For example, in one incident, right-wing protesters surrounded Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) and forced police officers to have to escort him to his car for safety. This growing phenomenon is often [...]

The Tiller shooting: The response is unreasonable.

There's much to discuss in terms of implication, as regards the shooting of abortionist George Tiller, none of them particularly complimentary to those claiming to take up Tiller's side. Even from the outset, my instinct was that the reaction to the Tiller story was overblown... intentionally so. Whatever else might be said, we're talking about one man's death. Absent the issue of Abortion, and in light of the seven men in Chicago alone, shot in the same 24 hour period, one man being shot just isn't national news, sorry. It also and most certainly doesn't rise to the level of 'terrorism' as some have been loudly claiming. It's interesting, too, how the word "'Terrorism" has been rediscovered by the left, to be applied to this thing, isn't it? Let's examine this, for a moment: Since back in 1993, there have been seven abortion clinic workers killed as such. If this constitutes an organized bit of terrorist activity, I suggest it to be so far below the radar as to be invisible. This is a misapplication of the term terrorism, in light of the much larger terrorism we've seen in the last decade... terrorism that for the most part, the left ignored. They also ignore that the killing of Tiller has been condemned by every mainstream pro-life group. Their entire response seems out of the bounds of reason. So unreasonably loud is the howl over this one in fact, that one cannot help but wonder if it wasn't orchestrated so. If we take what we see on the web as indicative, for the most part these are leftists.... who are people already used to making noise far in excess of their actual numbers. I think we can take this level of noise as an indication of the number of organized mouthpieces on the web right now. (And I think that has implications for our political future.) There are a goodly number of left-of-center bloggers that have [...]
Finally!  Osama bin Laden Dead!

The Result of Negotiation with Hamas? Prolonging the War.

We’ve recently watched as Israel and Hamas have slugged it out. As always, when Israel seeks to defend itself, there have been many saying Israel’s response to Hamas has not been “proportional”. What is, in fact, a proportional response?. Any other country suffering under the weight of literally thousands of rockets landing indiscriminately on their territory would not only have responded with harsher and more deadly methods, but the world community would have likely agreed with their doing so. Yet Israel has to defend its right to survive in the court of world opinion. That’s a discrepancy I’ve never understood. Some historical perspective is in order. Let’s take World War II, Japan. The Allied offer at Potsdam was rejected. Pottsdam demanded surrender. Japan refused and kept fighting.. Nothing short of total Japanese defeat was going to end the war, So, the only way out of this fight was to win it. As a direct result of unrestrained force.. (What, after all, is nuclear warfare but unrestrained force?) resulting in defeat of Japan, the war [...]
BFS: We Made It!!!

BFS: We Made It!!!

Great news! Books For Soldiers made their $70,000 Fund Raising goal and will NOT have to close! BFS provides an awesome service to our deployed military members, and I hope we can continue to support this vital ministry for years to come! Thank you to all of you that donated to and promoted this urgent need over the past few months!

2009 fundraising is now in progress... please keep Books For Soldiers in mind as you consider year-end and ongoing charitable giving.

Books For Soldiers: Almost There!

Books For Soldiers: Almost There!

Just $2,800 left to meet the critical donation level required by the BFS Board of Directors! What's amazing is that the original deadline was October 31 (they plan to close the operation if the $70,000 is not reached), and you'd have never thought they could get this close by that date! Fortunately, as we mentioned two weeks ago, the Board extended the deadline to November 30. Can you give $50? $100? Okay, yeah, if you have $2,800 to spare, go for it! This is a vital service to our men and women on active duty overseas, and I know[...]
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