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Book For Soldiers: Still Need Your Help, Making Progress

Book For Soldiers: Still Need Your Help, Making Progress

Great news! Since a week ago when I last posted on this topic, Books For Soldiers has been able to raise another $4,000! Thank you for all you've done so far, including passing this word along to others! They still need another $13,500. The good news is, the organization's directors, who had given them until October 31 to raise a total of $70,000 ($56,500 raised so far) or face closing, have extended this[...]
Books For Soldiers Needs You NOW!

Books For Soldiers Needs You NOW!

Just a little more than two weeks and it's over! Not the General Election, but the existence of Books For Soldiers. These folks have been providing books and videos for our soldiers for several years now, and for lack of $17,500 raised by October 31, they will have to close their doors come December 31. We talked about this back in May, and a lot of progress has been made, but the work is not done! We cannot let this happen! This organization has the process down cold, they have great creds and do a super job. Thousands of soldiers have been served by BFS. Won't you please act now? Go to this link and make a donation now. If every visitor to this site this coming weeks makes a $50 donation, the money would be completely raised. I donated a few months ago, and will again this week... won't you? You know how I think about our men women in uniform... they are the line that protects us from our enemies, and they are our best friends. They serve us night and day, risking their very lives, without asking for anything in return. Let's take this opportunity to serve them back!

It is not about you, Senator Specter

Our august Senator Arlen Specter has found another pressing cause which he feels he must look into and take it wherever it leads him. I respect Mr. Specter a whole lot but sometimes his pursuits leave a lot to be desired. Over the last couple of days, Senator Specter...

Fed Cuts Key Rate 3/4 Points

Wow, the Federal Reserve has reacted dramatically to the global markets spinning out of control.  According to KCCI TV’s web site this morning, the Fed lowered the federal funds rate to 3.5%: In a statement on its Web site, the Federal Reserve took the action in...

$145 Billion… for YOU!

From the New York Times: WASHINGTON — President Bush called Friday for roughly $145 billion in tax relief for individuals and businesses that he said would “provide a shot in the arm” for the economy, while Congressional Democrats, in a rare show of Washington...
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