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Mac’s Back!

J. Michael McKoy, formally of 98.3 WOW-FM, has found a new home in Des Moines.  We had previously mourned his departure from that station.

He is now on PRAISE-940 AM KPSZ, a Christian radio station from 2 PM to 4 PM.  The promo piece at the radio station web site calls the show “Mac’s World” as it was previously at the old station, and speaks of Mac’s experience in Des Moines business and broadcasting… and adds “… or how to talk and walk on a daily basis with your Father God.”  To be expected.

It will be interesting to see how he does in this new venue.  I suspect he will do well, although if there is a stronger faith angle to the …

Welcome Back… To This?

Well, I’m finally back in town.  I apologize for the hiatus, but it was unavoidable.

And here’s what I come back to: J Michael McKoy at 98.3 WOW-FM was fired this week.

I don’t even know what to say.

For those of you not so familiar with the air waves in Central Iowa, this station is the place we get to hear Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bob and Tom (unfortunately), Michael Savage (a bit extreme to me), Bill Handel’s Handel On The Law, Kim Komando, and Dennis Miller (past my bed-time).  We also have an AM station in the area, WHO, that carries Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, and Dr. Laura, but is predominantly made up of local talent including a very conservative …

The Iowa State Fair: Day 2

Just so you don’t either get too enthused or too fearful, I don’t plan to attend any more days at the fair this year… two days are enough for me right now!

But today was a pleasant day!  My wife and I left late (oh well!) with hopes essentially dashed that we would get to see John McCain.  After all, we were parking at the State Capital, taking the DART (Des Moines Area Regional Transit) shuttle, and there would be thousands there to see the Senator, right?  Well, we got on the shuttle at around 10:25, and arrived at the fair at about 10:40.  We got into the fairgrounds at 10:45 and were walking up the Grand Concourse, knowing we had missed the speech but …

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